On the Right Track

Swami Gautamananda said,' Every individual has the power to over come obstacles and progress forward and a spiritual inclination would put them on the right path.' This is true to T.T.K. Hospital.A few year's ago my friend's brother was an alcohol addict. This hospital brought the teenage back. Thanks to the service he is a normal person.

Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people worldwide to stay away from alcohol.People are deeply moved that even young people as young as 18 years, are evincing interest to help others. It is a welcoming gesture that more number of alcoholics who had gone through the process of rehabilitation were turning towards the Alcoholic Anonymous groups. The success rate in abstaining from alcohol is highly commendable.

That the group activities enabled the addicts to realize that they are not alone in this battle. Group counselling session for family members ignited the spark in to extend the good souls to help the addicts recover. T.T.K. Hospital is thus a great source of inspiration to one and all.