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    Noisy Atmosphere.

    People are waiting at the drop of a hat to pollute the air with noise. The contributors are the politicians, religious groups. While the latest model cars are almost silent, open mufflers such as those fitted on many auto rickshaws and horns, besides the heavy vehicles, appear to be major causes for the increased pollution levels on the road.

    If they persist in their stubborn nonchalance, they may be left with ears that are literally deaf. Noise is a definite contributor to increased stress. Its psychological effects: Stress-related disorders, fatigue, palpitation, foetal blood loss, annoyance, irritability, impaired judgment, disturbed sleep and migraine headaches.

    The noise level becomes so high in some areas that cancer and heart patients, senior citizens and school-going children are not able to bear the high decibel noise and vibrations caused by the pounding for laying the pile foundation.

    It's better to lower noise pollution caused by crackers, diesel generators, loud speakers, pressure horns and religious and marriage gatherings. Secondly, to restrict the use of the public address system between 10 pm. and 6 am, except in closed halls or convention rooms, and beating of drums or playing other instruments near a silence zone.
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    Your points are really touches my heart. What you are saying is correct. Noise pollution is very dangerous to the old people. It may affect there soul. This pollution is very distrubance to school going children,old ladies,heart patient,buddies etc...We all are human,we have to know some mannas. We have to feel others feeling. This is very important for every human beings. Every one have to realize this problem.

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    Really this is a big problem among all the problems we are facing in our daily life, And the truth is that we human itself is responsible for all the problems.

    We are crazy about to have much more pleasant life, a joyful life, a exciting life style. To fulfill it we just ignore or forget our responsibility as human being are selfish. That results as a pollutions and all. Noise pollution is just a kind of problems which hurts a lot but if we want then we can easily get over it. It is quit possible to avoid noise pollution, the thing we need is our willing to do so.


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