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    Chennai Bus Day celebration


    I read the news about the "bus day" celebrated by the New college students. Celebrating Bus day already been banned by the police. But the New college students celebrated by breaking it after police requesting don't disturb the public they disturbed the public and traffic in Anna salai by bursting crackers and dancing. When the police asked them to move they damaged the buses and tubelights. After reading the news I felt how the students can do like this. I felt very bad students are the leaders in the future. If they want to celebrate no harm in celebrating without disturbing public and traffic. When the students will understand all these???
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    Students dont realize that they are tomorrow's leader. They think only about their life and pnly fot that moment. But not all students are like that. But most of the student's behaviour are very irresponsible. The main reason is they dont consider college life as a step to look the outside world. They imagine or rather say they fantacy the college life. They also take advantage of being students. As people say students power is very powerful. Studetns think they can do anything they want and if at all a problem arises other college students are ready to help them not understanding what the actual problem is.
    As soon as students enter college life after school life they should be given a lecture or rather seminar regarding social welfare. They should be made to realize that what they do for fun affects so many people which go unnoticed in their sight.
    Students must be given awarness regarding this matter. The respective colleges and the lecturers should take the responsibility of remoulding or refining the students. But most of the colleges avoid doing so. This state must change only then a reformation among the students will occur.

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    Actually the Bus day is one of the enjoyment for the college students. But as Vasu told there are some college students who are celebrating the bus day in a different manner creating a menace to the public. This should not be made and this should not be encouraged. There are also many colleges who celebrate the bus day in the grand manner without making any menace to the public. I think the other college students should also learn from those students. I think the college should only take action regarding this issue. I dont think the government has anything to do with this. If the government takes this as a serious issue and take action on the students, then the problem will be diverted to other side.

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    We know our college students are very brave. But they are not realizing. The colleges are not at all encouraging these events. Students itself are arranging the bus day celebration. Actually there problem is they don`t know what they are doing. That is the problem.Students have to enjoy there college life . But there is a limit. Don`t go extreme. It will spoil your life as well as others life. In the college principal should take the responsible for this kind of issues. And to parents should take responsible there children. Parents have to control there childrens. Some parents are encouraging there childrens.This will be effect the students life. so, What ever it may be we are all the human beings we know some to behave . We are not a non living things. We should know some self behaviour. We have to understand the others feelings.

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