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    Discuss: What is the expansion of ATM.

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What is the expansion of ATM.'.
    ATM stands for "Automatic Transfer Machine" It is very useful to all the customers.
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    In banking field ATM is Automatic Teller Machine. Before the invent of this machine there was a seat in the bank called teller clerk. This Teller machine tells u or rather gives u the information about your account. It also provides us with the facility of withdrawing money from your account. Where ever ur located what ever the time may be u can just walk in to ur nearest ATM (that too of any Bank's ATM)swipe ur ATM card and walk out with ur money. The transaction has become so simple. Your devoid of standing in the long queque in the bank counter during peak hours. But nowdays u have stand in queque for ur turn in the ATM.

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    ATM is a boon to one and all . AS my friend Kamala has said it has made money transaction easy. One does not have to visit the bank and stand in the queue to get the cash after writing a cheque or withdrawal form. Does not have to take the tedious task of taking permission or leave to withdraw, or ask someone to en cash etc. Just a few steps out of one's house one can find many ATM booths and the facility of withdrawing from any Banks' ATM has come as a blessing in disguise.
    Every thing comes with a price tag.There is always two sides to a coin so also in this ATM dealings . Frankly speaking unless one is sharp, smart and intelligent one is bound to lose a lot. It has become like the cell phones, ATM cards are with everyone from vegetable vendor to a millionaire. There are so many tricksters waiting to cheat on innocent and careless customers. Unless one is careful with the ATM pin, swindling of money is an easy task, and it becomes a child's play if the card owner happens to write the ATM pin on the other side of the Card cover, or finds out from home the number and absent mindedly speaks out the number at the ATM booth or writes it on the piece of paper may be from the next one in waiting line.A small lapse could cost one a huge loss. It's better to count the currencies within the premises, rather than come out and count in the presence of others, why should others know how much you have withdrawn . The next foolish step is I have seen many people come up to the ATM booth in an auto rickshaw, and keeping the auto in waiting, withdraw and take the same rickshaw and continue their journey. There is a possibility that the auto driver may threaten them to handover the cash or force them to withdraw more money or turn an informer or worst comes may join hands with other rowdies and rob them. Its always better to walk and distribute the money to trouser pockets, shirt pockets and purses or any other place to keep safe the money. Sensible step is to be doubly cautious in not only handling of the cards or the ATM PIN but also the disadvantages that comes along with that.

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    Now a days ATM plays a vital role in india. Without ATM no one can do anything.In chennai city more ATM booth are there.Whether it may be a educated or uneducated all are using ATM.There is no partiality between those members.All are having equal rights to take the money.I am sure India is surely a developing country. Only the drawback of ATM is we have to secure the pin number as much as possible. Please flash the pin numbers to any body. It will be create some problem.

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