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    Why chennai is too hot

    Why chennai is too hot now a days
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    Because of tropical climate chennai is too hot. In tropical there will be wet and dry climate. Chennai lies the thermal equator and its in coast.

    So Chennai is Hot.


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    Hai pm.sinthuja

    The climate of Tamilnadu is so hot when compare to other states. In All districts of Tamilnadu the temperature is high during summer.
    The location and height above the sea level are the reason for the Chennai's hot temperature.


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    I personally feel that the reason for the heat in Chennai is because of the temperature raise in Chennai. In general the fact is that the people in Chennai develop a lot as they cut all the trees including the trees in the streets and use that place for the purpose of the building construction. This increases the heat of the Chennai. In general the trees are very much responsible for reducing the heat of the surrounding. If there are no trees then the heat will not be removed and it ultimates comes down to the ground. This can also be said as one of the reason for the reduction in the water availability in Chennai. In various places in Chennai the ground heat is higher as there are no trees and this is the reason why there is no ground water at all in the Chennai places.

    Apart from this there is also lots of contamination and pollution in Chennai because of the excess traffic and population. Even in the night time too the people can easily feel the heat of the Ground. This is the major reason for the raise in the heat of Chennai.

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