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    Tamil Movies

    I revived watching Tamizh serials after coming to Bangalore. Initially it was new: later I found out the characters shouting their dialogues instead of speaking out . Movies except Rajini, Kamal, and late 70s all were new to me. I did not have the interest to watch, later I found out I have not watched many Shivaji films also.

    I left madras life in 77 and in between when I came for short visits, I had watched Thappu thalangal','[தப்பு தாளங்கள் ] manal kayiru', [மணல் கயிறு] 'moonram pirai'[மூன்றாம் பிறை in theatres.

    Even now I prefer Hindi to Tamil movies, because I cannot stand the dialogue delivery of esp. the comedians like Senthil, Goundamani and Vadivelu. Though Vadivelu has the body language, his is cheaper way, I had to put a sorry figure in front of my students when they came to visit me at home. I was watching one of the movies where these people were in half pants and lungies that too not worn decently.

    They may be representing the villages, trying to impress people, whatever excuses one gives; at times they come out with third class jokes which make you laugh at their taste.

    Like everywhere, the middle aged heroes, running around with the daughter's age girls looks stupid and out of context! Vivek is at his best due to the intellectual dialogues he delivers, sometimes he is also too loud. Whatever it could be no one can beat Cho, and Nagesh's time. Later years even V.K.Ramaswamy started shouting his dialogues. In ladies no one but Manorama, Manorama, and Manorama… only .Kovai Sarala was only interim. I would advise Oorvashi for a comedian role. She is fantastic.

    Coming to the Stunt and fighting scenes, my heart bleeds when I see so much of wastage done while shooting the fight scenes.

    I happened to meet some stunt men who were going to Chennai with me in Navajeevan express in Second AC in July1997. They visually brought the fight scenes in front of my eyes and as usual, I started expressing my anguish. Some of them risking their life / sole bread winner/ some do not have insurance, had to take risk while doing stunts.

    It pains me to see so much of vegetables, fruits, plastic buckets, pots and bangles, cold drinks etc wasted just to highlight the hero's heroism! Is it necessary for the producer indulge in huge wastage, the irony is the very side artistes might have to work hard to lay their hands on the things they destroy while doing the scenes. There are so many who do not get even a small meal for one time- not a square meal but a circular meal! - The amount can be circulated among the needy. Just because a hero fights, he cannot be called a leader, just to prove that he cares for others he has to bring large scale destruction!
    The stunt scenes are not at all believable.

    Most of the present day movies [I do not watch movies, this is purely from the trailers which is shown on TV.] have a lot of violence due to computer graphics, matrix, I do not know. There is no need for any vamps in films because the heroines play the dual role, there is hardly any acting involved. Songs but for dappan guthu [டப்பாங்குத்து ] and remix, very few music is praise worthy and worth listening.

    From the days I have been watching movies, all the rape scenes will have the heroine wearing either sari or skirt-blouse, half skirt. However ultra modern the heroine is , on this day, she has to be in any of these types of dresses only. So that the director gets the chance of focusing on many different angles, selling the movie, the heroine becomes a commodity.

    There are so many heroines available in the market, and ready to shed their shame, clothes, and respect at the drop of the hat. We cannot blame them; it is the easy name and fame which makes them do so. Hardly any lesson is taught in the movies. I do not know where this will lead us to?
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    Hi Mathangi,

    I don't belong to Tamilnadu, but used to stay at Chennai for a very short period of 6 months. During that shorter period, I visited a cinema hall named "Sathyam", to watch a Tamil Movie called "Kannathil Mutthumittal". Believe me this is one of the awesome movies, I have seen on screen. That movie was directed by the legendary director "Maniratnam" and supported by brilliant performance from "Madhavan" and "Nandita Das".


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