Republic Day Celebrations.

Come 26 th January every year, we celebrate Republic Day without fail.Educational institutes, offices and the Secretariat hoist the Tricolour flag and salute the nation and it's forgotten till Independence Day.Television hosts special programmes on the eve of this day.The President delivers a speech on the eve of this day on Television, and all the channels telecast,how many watch and how many read the speech the next day in news paper?

Do we ever think of the Jawans who undergo a hard life protecting the country's border in extreme climates? Government of India announces various Awards like Param Vir Chakras,Asoka Chakras etc.

They are cut off from the society and families, there is no source of entertainment, no newspapers around, their language consists of 'fire, move' 'attack' and all the time to be vigilant with hawk's eye. They undergo a stressful and tension filled life. Their work does not have the 8 hr or 12 hr schedule, they have to manage work schedule as per the demand.

For any emotional matter they have only their counterparts who also undergo the similar situation. All they can find solace is mere photographs and the handwritten letters and if they are lucky the telephonic conversations with their dear and near ones!

The politicians and civilians like us should salute them for braving extreme cold and heat, they safeguard us from the enemies by keeping vigil.
The government should also give them a higher salary and perks and some concession in the field of employment for their family members.

My heart pains to see the 'Adarsh Housing' scam when the houses were marked for the war widows and soldiers misused by some selfish parasites. These parasites have atleast some roofs as home, what do these soldiers who are in the border have except the starry sky and vast sunny sky under them?

Are we doing justice by taking up what they are eligible for? We should be ashamed of our unkind act.

What else can we do but think of their plight and pray God to give them enough strength to face the enemies and their restricted life courageously!