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    Discuss: Do you think that youngsters are able to balance between their worklife and personal life?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think that youngsters are able to balance between their worklife and personal life?'.
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    A big YES , today's youngsters are definitely able to balance. The early exposure, the independence, the earning capacity, parental support clubbed with one's self-confidence, gives them a cut above the rest.

    From choosing one's career to taking up a job,and leading an independent life, everything is designed by them alone with a free consultation of their parents. Partially the parental support helps them to pursue their aim without any complication and interference.
    Unlike their previous generation, they do not end up blaming their parents for the rupture in their life. Not only do they frame their future, they also own up responsibility for the debacle.

    They are sure of what they want, what the others expect from them and what is to be done.The exposure and the discussion they have from their colleague in their work place gives them first hand information to face challenges in their life. Moreover the flexible working hours and work from home facility, gives them ample room for them to give their helping hand at home in case of emergencies.

    Every piece of information is served to them on the Internet platter, which enables them to get information regarding, gardening to child rearing. A majority of the population is of the younger generation and they are well aware of opportunities that lie in front of them and how they should utilize them.

    Even in their personal front, if they do not get along well with either their married partners or live -in -partners, they just discard and move on. There is not much emotional attachment.

    If one takes any field, one can see youngsters ruling the mantle in politics, business,literary, art,culture and cine field.

    They have the fire in them to be ignited and they will come up in their life as well.

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    Obviously,youngsters are able to manage If they follow the steps given below.

    Take time off

    Work has been hectic for months and things at home have been busy. Tension has been building for weeks. What should you do? Plan a vacation and take it! Your vacation can be a day on the porch with a good book, a picnic by a river or lake with the kids, or a trip to a far away location. The point is—it is not work. A break in the routine, even a small one, can bring back perspective. Relaxation is important for good physical and mental health.

    Take a lunch break

    This may not always be possible, but no one should work through lunch every day. Get outside into the fresh air and sunshine. Take a 10-minute walk. Take care of yourself, and then you can take care of others.


    Working up a good sweat eliminates lots of frustration and has many other benefits. It takes time to make the commitment, so work on managing your calendar and your time. Make exercise a priority.


    Join a committee and get a new perspective on the organization. Meet new people and give yourself a new challenge. Volunteering can lead to a new job, help you contribute to your organization or community, and break up your routine.

    Learn something new

    Teach a class or take one. Can you use the class to make your job easier? Or to help you get another job in the future?


    Keep your sense of humor. Read the comics every day. Tell a silly joke. Blow bubbles.

    Get help

    Ask for help if you need it.

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    I think yes. Today's youngsters are definitely keeping good balance between their working and personal fields of life. In fact according to me the key thing nowadays is multitasking. We have learnt to be multi-tasking people nowadays which has greatly assisted us for a better management of both our personal lives as well as the professional lives at the same time.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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