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    power cut is a major problem in now a days..
    we use some inventer to favour as
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    As u said power cuts are a major problem that we face in our day today life. But we people in chennai are much more in a better position than those residing in other cities and villages. We are intimated atleast one day in advance regarding the power cuts. We in chennai dont have any regular power cut timings. But in other places especially villages every day there is power cut for more than 2 hours. It is really terrible when we have power failure during the summer season.
    All these difficulties have come to an end with the coming of inverters. Really inverters are a boon to us. Neednt worry of power failures. We can do our work as per schedule. The only thing is that the inverter that we have fixed in our home or office should be of good quality so that it can support us around the year.

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    HI all,

    Power cut is definitely a major problem. Even though, I am residing outside TamilNadu, I visited to chennai for few days to brother's place in Kuduvanchery. Powercut is unbearable. Daily 2 hours and whenever they wish the power will go off. Really inverter are a big gift for us during the power cut.

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    I agree that frequent power cut cuts one's power. Those of you who are in TN are far better than we at Bangalore, I have frequented Anna Nagar- West many times in all seasons of a year, but I never experienced this power cut. If the concerned authorities announce the timings of power cut one can easily have the cake and eat it too. First of all one has to plan well in advance for any untoward problems at home. So better chalk out a programme and prioritize the tasks to be done so that you do not end up a lame duck. Secondly stress the importance of value of the power when it is available to the family members and see that they also plan to avoid disappointment.Make hay while the sun shines!

    Home makers can grind, iron , fill water from purifiers, heat water for bath ahead of the regular timings, and do the other non power chores when there is no power supply.It's better to list the things to do in the absence of power cut. Its necessity is the mother of invention.

    Best family time is during power cuts if it coincides with all members present especially in the evening time. Parents can recall pleasant memories from their past, introduce other relatives, talk about their good nature, once in a while can have a candle night dinner why to go to hotels when you can make it attractive at home? Apart from this, if it's a day time, one can utilize the time by cutting vegetables, cleaning rice and provisions, gardening, repairing or stitching old torn clothes, returning a long pending courtesy call, doing some exercise / yoga, catching up with reading either a newspaper or magazines, playing word building games, make the kids learn multiplication tables, rhymes, chant slokas, sing bhajans, exchange one's knowledge by discussing important news items read or heard with others as sharing always adds to the knowledge bank. Occasional self pampering one with pedicure,manicure at home , reviving the art of letter writing, best of all dusting or cleaning the electrical and electronic items after un-plugging can be done.
    Where else will one get a right time to do all these things! One can also lessen the current bill. Now go ahead and make it the best possible time utilized to the fullest.

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    Invertors is the solution during power cuts.
    Nowadays you have lot of choices.If it is only tubelights and Fans then square wave invertors are good enough,will serve the Purpose and it is cheaper.

    But if you want to run your LCD/LED TV then it is recommended to go for sinewave invertor.

    The battery back up depends on the capacity and quality of the battery and one has to choose the invertor from Knowledgeable companies.

    If you need Further details you can contact me @ 9940188299

    Kumar Natarajan

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    hi Ratnakumar,
    The article which you posted for power cuts is good.This is true that the power cut is more frequent in many villages than in cities.Especially in Chennai i think the frequent power cuts have been reduced a lot this year when compared to previous years.The invertors are really a boon for the people where there are more power cuts.The invertors really help the students who prepare for their exams which coincides with power cuts in summer.The invertors help a lot for those students studying in std 10th and 12th who prepares for their board exams.These invertors also help many old people who cant bear the heat during noon.Thus keeping an invertor has become a compulsory object in most of the houses.

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    I must thank to god or the electricity depart of my area that I am not suffering any kind of power cut as i reside in chennai near high court so its safe and reliable whenever they plan to cut it, we used to get the news for that. So it feels good to me that I am in such a place where power cut is not an issue.


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    The cut off electricity is a usual thing which will happen in many areas over chennai. But may goodness i dont have this kind of problem in my area. But many other people suffering in this problem.

    Its due to many reasons it is happening. To save power is the main cause nowadays become a reason for power cut. May this is new type of reason too. But behind this many problems occuring. None is taking care of it and not thinking too. That is students studies. Students may have exams during this period. Government exams were going on. During this period if power cut means many of the students life becoming worse. They were suffering due to one of these causes.

    May government should look over this fault over the cities.



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    Power cut is definitely a major problem. Even though Invertors is a good solutionfor that but many people in rural areas cant able to buy that because of the cost.
    In many rural areas daily for 4 hours there is no power. Even in rainy season also Govt is not providing power, they are cutting it off by 2 hours. Now Summer has started i think many of our house will be in dark.

    Where is the real Fault?


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