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    Discuss: IPL auction 2011

    Talented players are sold for money. Dont you think this is shame for them and our country?. I think this is a legalized gambling?
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    I do not agree with you. IPL has become an international event and India must be proud to conduct such sport, hiring overseas popular cricket players.

    Cricket is an international game of interest, and now viewed commercially, which will bring a lot of revenue to our country.
    Players are being auctioned because the number of individual teams are increasing. The owners take their pick, keeping in mind the profit they will be making on anticipated victory.

    When IPL started first, we all felt very bad like cricket players were auctioned and picked up by the owners of the teams, like a cow market auction with a price tag on them.

    Eventually, IPL created a sensation in the field of cricket and the state government, the Cricket Board, the country, the team owners and the players everybody made profit of their share. So the question of shame does not arise for the country. Rather, conducting such an event in India is a pride to the country.

    Yes, we too feel bad to note that Saurv Ganguly, Bryan Lara and Christ Gayle and Jayasurya of Srilanka remained unsold. Young players are being encouraged and picked up at a lower price with a hope of exploring the hidden potential in them.

    However, latest news is that owner of Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan is planing to give some sort of responsible assignment to Sauran Ganguly perhaps as a counselor or advisor of the team.


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    Hi Nelson,

    Even I am not very much in sync with your thought process. How can it bring shame to our country where players and people from all over the world are taking great interest? There is no doubt that it brings a great set of revenue but the more important is we as a country took the step to organize such an event by generating the greater popularity.

    I believe, this has created a special position for the sport itself. And we should not bother about the auction part! The one, who performs well, will get a higher demand, that's the thumb rule. And this auction it made it very clear when players like Ganguly, Lara & Jaysuriya remains unsold.


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    I thank both of you for sharing your valuable points and let me know about the revenue adding theme of this event. If players are being selected based on their performance, what you say on sourav ganguly mess. Hasn't he performed well in the last IPL. He ranked 3rd in the performance level while sachin hold the 1st place. This is totally unfair.

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    With due respect to Saurav Ganguly, I am constrained to say here that his performance has become inconsistent and it is his bad luck. Perhaps he is facing a bad phase of life.

    If he is not able to deliver enough to win the match, he should accept the laurel of being a mentor to the team and gracefully lead the team.

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    Hi Sushila Mam,

    I completely agree with you. The way KKR performed in last IPL, it can be easily termed as a disaster. And being the captain of the team, his responsibility is definitely high. There is no double opinion that he is one of the finest players of Cricket World. But the current situation is, he is completely out of form. So, it's better for his team and his dignity to accept the mentor role and not to make this issue any bigger.


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