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    Problems of working women

    Hi friends,
    Lets discuss about the various problems that women face at work.

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    Women are equally spread in all the field right from small industry to the airlines. They do get various problems apart from their workload. Eve teasing, sexual harassment are the most common and tough problems that they face everyday. People wont stop it even though women are protected by various welfare association that support them. Women should raise their voice against all these problems and get a permanent solution for that. Otherwise they are going to be the sufferer all the days though women are getting applause in all the department nowadays.

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    Women can not stay late in office.

    New mother will loose concentration at work by thinking of her baby

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    Women are always taken for granted in all the field. Apart from the social problems they also face something within their job. Though they work hard in their field they are not recognized. Its only their bosses who take credit for it.Especially in fields other than IT the working hours is 9 to 6 or 10 to 6. Even in those field women are espected to stay back late which is unnecessary when they finish their work much ealier than their counterpart.

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    It has been observed in many offices, the bosses feel women are more sincere and hard workers. So they try to extract more work from them.
    When the question of appraisal comes, the efforts and the work put in by women in the team are less rewarded.

    Not all women are daring to face the odd behavior of male colleagues or their bosses. When they come across such situation, some even quit the job and vanish.

    When women are under pressure to sit late in their offices to finish their job assigned, if they are married, they have to face problems in the family also. Besides, this such women always feel guilty for neglecting children and family.

    Women in higher posts also face problem of non-cooperation from the male subordinates. At the same time, they have problems with their husbands's inferiority complex. A female boss finds it very difficult to get the things done by her male subordinates.

    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Women- 'woo men' are the greatest gift of God to humanity.They don multi hats and are multi taskers.From their birth, they fit into many roles designed for them. The difficult one is that of a working woman.

    Her day starts from the time she gets up to till she goes to sleep. But the sad part is how many men understand her plight? From taking care of the husband, kids and in-laws,[if in a joint family ]managing the household chores apart from giving a helping a bread winner of her household, she has many responsibilities to shoulder. The society easily blames the woman of the house for any untoward incidents.

    She undergoes a lot of emotional, physical and mental stress while playing multi roles.

    At least, the current generation men somewhat shoulder some responsibilities and share the household chores with her. It is a welcoming change and a pat is needed to be given to the sharing and understanding men on their back!

    The men in the office also equally understand the difficulties their spouse might be undergoing at work, in the light of this, they tend to be soft on their women colleague.

    There are harassment going on in the work place but how far the women power can be an elastic depends on the women themselves. There are many organizations who extend a helping hand to them in distress.

    Referring to what Ms. Sushila has said, it's necessity based for women to take up a job, having educated why should they sit idle at home? Every where there is competition and jealousy at work place irrespective of the gender and the management.

    Male inferior complex is embedded in a man since ages, nothing can be done for it. As long as a man sees it is only for the enhancement of the family that a woman is working, there is no chance of complex creeping into. The society plays a vital part in the working couple's life by sowing the seed of creating complexes.

    The women have the mounting pressure of meeting the deadlines, leading to working late hours, and also the pressure of taking care of children, simultaneously not feeling guilty etc.,puts her to a corner with no escape. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A person can't be suffering all the time.

    The best way to overcome this is to talk freely with the family members explaining the work pressure, the mental and physical aspect
    of it and after a detailed discussion requesting the family members' cooperation in carrying out the duties without any hitch.

    I have seen it personally in my life this has helped me a lot in coping with the same situation. Men folk should also keep in mind that the present state of life cannot be ruled out without both the husband and wife working to meet escalating the cost of living and also to have a 'decent life'.

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