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    Discuss: Is there God ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is there God ?'.
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    I think there is no god. All sorts of belief came out of man only. If god is a creator, Then all are created by nature and hence Nature is a god for all of us. Believe and pray for nature to have a happy and peaceful way to live and not yet another disasters like tsunami happen in our life. Pray nature for delightful new year.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful

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    Hi Siyaram,

    Very well said! But irrespective of the presence of God in our life, we should have belief and faith in someone or something. For me, my God is my parents and family members.


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    Sorry I have different opinions that of yours. God is there for whom they believe. Nature worship is ok. Who created this nature? A good research on religious books what ever it might be, will tell you all these things.

    One should have some curiosity to know about these things. Where we came from, where we go at end? Where we would be? The present moment is like a journey, so we should not take this as a permanent one. Something is there from all these. That we have to know.


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    God is what you believe.


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    This is indeed a very complicated question. For this question it takes several years to find the exact answers. But most of the people live and die without finding the answer to this question and some people are lazy to accept things and just say that there is no God. If there is no God or external power then what makes us this way. There should be some master for all the machines. Every single particle in this Universe is like a Machine and definitely there will be some person behind the working of those machines. For example if you even take a fully automatic machine, you cant say that it need no support to work and it can work on own. But still it needs electricity which is some external power that makes even that fully automatic machine to work.

    Human brains are made in such a way that it is not capable of learning certain things and understanding certain things perfectly and to a great extent. In this manner the existence of God is also a very complicated fact that cannot be reached by the human brains. To understand God or the so called supreme power which is reason for every activities in earth and universe, it is essential that the brain should work several times its potential to find the fact and accept the fact. As of now we can find only the written proof that can explain about the existence of the God or the supreme power. There were also some proofs made that explains the availability of the supreme power.

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    S Balasubramanian
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    Hi Webmaster,

    Thanks for your input. I completely agree with you that, we are not that advance to find the answers to the most complicated questions about life and its formation. But the way, we are progressing with knowledge and technology, I am sure very soon we will have all the answers with us!

    But anyway, that's a different discussion altogether. Irrespective of the fact that whether we have the answers or not, no matter how superior our technologies are; it can't change the human faith! That's a universal truth. And I think we should have faith in someone or somebody or something. You call it Ram, Allah or Jesus or your parents, they are your GOD.


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    I am happy that people are discussing this kinda topic. Many came out with their opinions. This is really a healthy group discussion. In my point of view, there is no GOD at all. If nature is created by GOD, then who might have created GOD? as nothing can come to existence without any cause. If you get back to the history of earth and if you start with the first living things, you might have not come with this sort of questions. Earth has come from sun. This is the origin. So it is human who formulated all those virtual stuff and named it as GOD.

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    A begger Prayed to a man who was praying in a Temple with god.
    Now decide who is God - Periyar

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    Gratitude Of Deed

    GOD is this , like electricity, we all have experienced the current but no one has seen, same way, the Supreme Power has been experienced by all ,no one has seen God,but only experienced HIS miracle!

    I agree with all my friends.Olden times people were God fearing and blindly followed what their ancestors told them and there was no rationale behind their belief. The scenario is changed now, present day generation unless convinced not ready to believe you.

    Moreover exposure and education and development in the field of medicine has added to their inquisitive mind. Olden times people needed something to concentrate and focus their mind thus came the idol worship.

    No one has seen God to prescribe that this is how He/ She looked.
    The sculptor ran his imagination wild and made different kind of Statues of God and Goddess.Idol worship is mainly to anchor the mind which can go faster than wind.

    Whatever can be said there is one Supreme power which controls all the happenings, even if science has developed to this extent,can boasts of its victory, it is undoubtedly due to this Supreme Power. [அவனன்றி அணுவும் அசையாது.]

    One thing common to most of the religions is the use of palms or hands.They all use palms to pray God and definitely all must be praying for the welfare of their own people and for peace, good health and prosperity. People, way and method may be different but the motive is the same.

    Science and scientists can boast of the inventions and achievement, I do not see a single physician who does not believe in God.

    Whatever said and done, they can bring in a lot of changes in the field of medicine but cannot overtake God in the conception of an embryo.IVF, surrogacy,etc can be a land mark in their field,but cannot challenge Him in this field.

    One thing we all should do is to thank Him for creating us without any deformity and keep thanking Him by doing good to others in whatever way we can and not harm or hurt others. Live and Let live.

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