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    Discuss: Will CBI find the real truth behind “SPECTRUM” scandal?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Will CBI find the real truth behind "SPECTRUM" scandal?'.
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    All doing afteer publishing will make the culprits comfort on their side and that in the case of Raja. CBI raids after informing to him is a waste of all. But there could be some new ideas or DMK in order tp regain power will make Raja to accept his part and to say DMK has no part or benefit in it.Lets hope that CBI will find the truth and recover atleast Rs.100000 crore out of Rs.176000 crores.

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    Frankly speaking after yesterday's news I lost faith and hope from our top most agency CBI. You must be aware of the news that since last two years a murder mystery was there unsolved and CBI was looking after that case. Very famously this murder mystery is known as "Aarushi Murder Case". It took almost two and a half year, arresting 4-5 suspects and putting them in jail for more than 2 years; for CBI to finally conclude the case as unsolved. CBI closes the case at its unsolved state only. I don't think this what we expect from an agency like CBI.

    Coming to Raja's case, this is more of political nature; so there could be chance that the CBI can easily find a way out of it. I may be sounding a bit negative but the Aarushi case is something that leads me to think this way.


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