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    How to Make Chennai better

    HI friends,

    How can you make Chennai a better city than other metros? Pour your thoughts and suggestions over here.


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    I think this is a good post. Making Chennai better will be the dream of every person. We have seen the developments in Chennai for many years. There are lots of options available in Chennai and there are also many developments taking place in Chennai. In this aspect we can focus on in improvement of the people and that will automatically improve the Chennai city. All the people in Chennai should be given proper basic amenities along with the proper food and shelter. Even now we can see that there are many slum areas where the people are in need of proper food. Moreover the government should take proper initiative to consider this issue and provide all the requirement to the people. There should also be some awareness created in the mind of people so that they will also get some idea to develop our nation in all the aspect. The medicine and all the other basic things are available in Chennai but they are not in easy reach to the Chennai People.

    Moses Alagan

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    I am a medical graduate from mauritius, though i was born and bought up in chennai.I have travelled to other metropolitan cities frequently too. I find that, chennai has its own advantages and disadvantages. I feel, the way to make chennai better would be to not only maintain and strengthen advantages, but also the disadvantages.Let's start with disadvantages first.
    1.Pollution - compared to other metropolitan maybe not so much, but still definitely high enough to harm people.
    2.Corruption - I dont think it requires any futher explanations or examples! the thread may not finish!
    3.Everyone in chennai seems to be in a very bad mood most of the time!
    doesn`t matter if they are driving or if they are working.

    Many people may ask, well whats the soultion?
    To be honest, I have no idea! I have seen many movies of director Shankar on this very topic, but somehow nothing changed.

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    Hi Vasumathi,

    I think Chennai is a better place compare to other metros. I stay at Mumbai and believe me the pollution, the traffic and the crowd here is just above everything. No, I am not blaming Mumbai for any of these problems but this is a face of Mumbai. During my short stay at Chennai, I came across so many nice things that are missing here. It is difficult to get a place like Ramakrishna Math in Mumbai. It is such a peaceful place! I found the people are very warm just like the weather condition over there!

    The only thing that does not suit me there is the extreme hot climate and the water issues!

    On the improvement side, I think we need to have a better transport system over there.


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    Chennai is good than all other metros in all sorts of reason but the surroundings of chennai are to be improved for a better chennai city. Chennai is always best.

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    Puthandu Dhina Nal Vazhthukkal

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