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    I liked this short message

    Hi friends,

    I liked these two sms. Hope you will also like this.

    Smooth roads never makes good driver
    clear sky never make good pilots
    problem free life never make a good person,
    life is a challenge, face it.

    Stop worrying about the pothholes in the road
    just celebrate the journey.
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    Hi vasu,
    I too like these sms.And i too have a bundle of sms stored in my phone which are of different categories.These sms makes us to have various feelings such as irritaion, laughter, teasing sensation,etc..But the fact is that the sms is creation of ones thinking and forwarding of others.In aminute it will be forwarded to thousand and thousands of numbers.Hence lets us create some sms of comedies and send it to many and make others happy.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful

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    Hi mam,

    Its a meaningful message for everyone. It would be a valuable thought for every youngsters as they are facing many problems everyday right from their studies to their working environment. Even before getting jobs they are suffering a lot. They have to go through all the tough moments that come across their life. Some people are giving up and some are coming over it. They are called as successful persons. So lets not get frustrated facing tough moments and we should get the fact that once we get over it, we would be fed up with lot of positive experience that will help us to tackle further.

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    it's not poth holes, it's pot holes

    As an SMS it may be good, but in velachery the roads are having many pot holes, but i'll be angry and used to scold the politicians while riding :-)

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    Hi Alwyn,

    Thanks for the correction it must be pot holes typing mistake. Will take care in future.


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    Here are some :

    Disappointments are like road bumps, they slow you down a bit but you enjoy the smooth road after wards. Don't stay on the bumps too long. Move on!

    One should be strong enough like a kite's thread, be flexible like a kite moving in the air, and should think high like a kite flying up in the sky.

    Ants are busy in life but they still stop and communicate with each other. We should be like them, busy , but in touch with others.

    A precious stone cannot be polished without friction,nor humanity perfected without trials.

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    Don't store your dreams in the eyes, they may roll out as tears

    Store them in your heart, so that with each beat you get inspired to fulfill them.
    Fallen flowers can't grow back on the tree,

    But new flowers certainly can if the root is strong,

    Life is not about what you couldn't do so far,

    but what you still can.

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