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    General guidelines for posting resources

    I can see that some of the post by the members needs some refreshment. I thought of providing some guidelines and in this post for posting resource so that it will be useful for the members. Please follow the guidelines before posting the resource.

    1. First letter of every new line should be a capital letter.
    2. After every Coma and full stop there should be a space.
    3. Give proper summary for your post for at least 20 words minimum.
    4. Do not copy paste the contents from any other source or any other website, blogs, ebooks etc. Copying contents is strictly prohibited.
    5. Do not leave a space below the heading after using the tag. The head tags by default have a space after that.
    6. Bold only the keywords and not the words that you think are important. Do not bold anything else other than Keywords.
    7. Do not bold the same keywords more than 2 times or 3 times in the resource, it reduces the quality of the post.
    8. Use some good keyword if you are going to give a side heading.
    9. Internal links can be provided inside the resource to another resource.
    10. External linking is not allowed inside the resource contents.
    11. If you are attaching an image give the image name with some good keyword.
    12. Make the images look in the left side or the right side of the resource. For aligning the image use this particular tag in the "img src" code.
    For example:
    img src=""
    The above one that is in Red is wrong code, the actual correct code is as follows
    img src="/attachments/Resources/3168-25117-eric.jpg" border='0' align='left'
    The above one that is in blue color is the right one. You can align the picture left or right.
    13. The resources less than 200 words will be rejected. Please provide relevent title and subtitle for the resources that you make.
    14. Split your resource into various paragraph and make sure that each paragraph contains 100 words in it which makes the resource look good.

    Please follow the above guidelines properly when you are posting resources. If you have any doubts regarding the resource posting you can very well contact me.
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    Hi Bala,
    It is good about you posting such a valuable content for the benefit of members and this will be really helpful in enriching the post of resources by the members. Congrats for your best work.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful.
    Puthandu Dhina Nal Vazhthukkal.

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    Thank you very much.These guidelines are very useful for me .
    and also very clear explanations.

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    I am very happy to watch this article, It is really very useful for all the members specially for the new members. Thank you sir for such a clear and easy made articles.


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