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    Discuss: 50% reservation of local bodies for ladies in Kerala for the first time in India is a

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic '50% reservation of local bodies for ladies in Kerala for the first time in India is a political example.
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    Thank u for your kind post.I want your opinion about 50% reservation for ladies in local bodies in kerala

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    Hi Vasudevan,

    I am not very much in favour of reservation! Be it a reservation based on gender or caste, it just creates a drift among the people. The deserving candidate should get the right post, irrespective of its gender or caste. I know that the reason behind any reservation is to enhance the strength of weaker mass but now-a-days it has been wildly used as a vote card.

    The only reservation for which I will give a positive node is "Reservation for the families of Indian army"! These people has done so much for our country that I feel it's our duty to support their family by whatever means.


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    Reservation is needed to uplift downtrodden people by caste , religion and gender.Thousands of years they were suppressed .To rectify and to help them reservation do good to some extend.creamy layers occupy all resources of this society.Equality should be followed only between equals. running race should be conducted between good physique men .Here race is conducted between good physique men and physically handicapped .So the society should accept the help in the name of reservation to the suppressed.

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    Hi Vasudevan,

    I completely agree with you that reservation is meant for uplift the weaker classes of the society. But my concern is, what about the vote politics surrounding this reservation. I hope none of us can forget the nightmare of Mandal Commission!

    To enhance a particular community, it is wrong to degrade the rest ones. There could be several other ways to improve the status of weaker masses but our politicians consider the tune of reservation as the classic one. Nobody is bother to cross check the fact that since last 60 years, we are providing facilities to people in the name of reservation but if still today there is a gap between communities, caste and gender; what's the reason behind that. Where we fall short of equalizing the races?


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    Mandal opened way to enter the powerful posts from downtrodden sections other than sc/st .There vote politics around this .if there is politics in welcoming reservation ,there is the same politics in opposing also.We should not forgot that reservation only can change the life of supressed.But all other actions to uplift them were not taken.As you said the continuous govts want to put them permanently in need of reservation so that to get theirvotes.i agree too more to be done but in addition to reservation not withdrawing it

    There is deficit in employment and education ..that should be changed.If all who wish to study with interest should get as they like.In the same way all should be given employment to lead their lives.If govts arrange for this .then there would be no quarrel between people .upto that period there should be reserve of seats

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    Very true Sir!

    Reservation is good and can be much better if an honest intention will be there on the background of the move. It's high time to realize the difference between dirty politics and empathy for the weaker classes. I really hope once again we will get some one like Mr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar who can put the system in place!


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    All our prior generations wasted thus in waiting for someone ,god,messengers,leaders ,guides.Why can't we ?should be our question and doing until our situation admits is the correct answer.This type of opinions have unarmed us for a long period .We should fight for ourselves without expecting for a saviour.

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    There is good and bad intentions in this reservation. As you said there is vote politics. But I cannot agree with your remark about "physically handicapped". Give them a chance they will prove their efficiency in any field including politics. If you look back into our history you will come across many ladies who showed great will power and courage in halding political situations-say it a war or other wise. But in my opinion there is no need for this reservation . We should encourage those who are interested in serving a cause, or serving the nation choosing this filed treat them with equally like our physically powerful men .

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    Exceptions do not serve as examples.You say about some would prove their skill and they can achieve .But all others?So if all should come equal to gents they should take the reservation benefits.I am saying they are weak not in the sense of inability to achieve anything.But they were suppressed by the history and it has to be rectified.Take some PH men they have the potential to achieve as you told .Could they win in running with normal men? so there should be a competition among PH or normal men.Once the society was lead by mother and now?so don't be shy in accepting the reservationand bcoming equal to men

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    Hi Tessy,

    It is a nice thread. Much more preference have came for local bodies over ladies. Reservation process came in new progress. It will equally divide for men and women also.



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