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    Discuss: Accidents are going on increasing ,because

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Accidents are going on increasing ,because'.the govt is careless on peoples lives.
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    I think accidents cannot be given an end but it can be reduced. To err is human being. Accidents are accidents, no matter how much the government cares or no matter how excellent the driver is. High speed motors are produced and marketed nowadays. No one uses two stroke engines now. Everyone has changed to four stroke and five stroke engines and the motor groups are planning to release six stroke engines. So as technology improves, we should run along and accept the effects it makes with the society.

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    Accidents should be accidents ; now it seems to be unavoidable . Science is to help mankind . We welcome science . It should be applied appropriately . Take these accidents . How it happens . A lot of motor companies are permitted by the govt to produce their vehicles getting commission .They give loans to buy with lower interest in the interest to sell the companies vehicles .
    Is there any scientific calculation or planning? No. How many vehicles are to be produced ? How many would be exported ? How many would be sold in Tamil nadu ? Is there any prior infrastructure arrangement? How many Roads to be made four lanes? New and extension roads are paved? HOW MANY SIGNAL POINTS ARE TO BE INCREASED? HOW MANY POLICEMEN ARE TO BE APPOINTED FOR regulating traffic ? If these are not possible the production of vehicles are to be limited . After all the vehicles are for people ; but here it seems that the people are for vehicles.
    Without these planning thousands of vehicles are allowed to ply and resulting in accidents .Charging the innocent drivers ,or youth as inexperience is meaningless.These are not accidents .Planned murders.Murderer is none other than the GOVT

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    Accidents are increasing day by day. Mostly the people are to be blamed for this. They should exercise more caution while walking on the road, while driving.

    1.Mainly accidents cause due to non-compliance of traffic rules.
    2. Enough traffic police are not posted on duty which is a failure of our government.
    3. Public should be cautious to use the foot-over bridges, or subways where ever available. Should not cross the roads in hurry.
    4. Drunken drivers are also responsible for the increased rate of accidents, which is to be taken seriously by the police department.
    5. One way traffic must be implemented as far as possible to avoid risk of accidents.
    6. With due respect to Mr. Vasudevan, I do not agree with his comments " Murderer is none other than the Government.
    7. The issue of traffic can be better controlled, with proper plans and project by providing traffic signals and traffic police at more places to safeguard the interest of the people.

    With best wishes
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    Thak u Mam.
    The running commentary is given daily how many deaths are happened that day.Without making infrastructure we are allowed to drive on the roads.There is a govt and a department to streamline the traffic and protect people .If it is a ae then you call it as accident .If it is regular in nature..?Though you accept some aspects of the govt are some reasons you hesitate to name the got responsible.It is a good feeling of you but not correct.

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    Accidents are mainly due to the carelessness of the people.The only thing everyman's mind is to reach the place quickly.He is not understanding that he can start early reach safely. The second reason is due to drunken drive.In most of highways in tamilnadu TASMAC is opened for 24 hours which eases the driver to take liqours.The people have to follow the traffic rules aatleast for theirr safetiness..


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