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    Discuss: What might be the reason behind the failure of a boy?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What might be the reason behind the failure of a boy?'.None of these given five may be laziness or interest less education.Or giving up the hopes to overcome our drawbacks .We shall overcome one day.
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    Hi Vasudevan, All the points mentioned above contribute to the failure of a boy/girl. But the most important point is his laziness . Most of us are scared to face the problems in life and try to find ways avoid them. Instead when we show the courage to face the problems face to face their solution will be much easier. This is applicable to each and every individual whether a student, householder, employer or employee, boy or girl.

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    Hi. Its a pleasure to join the discussion. The above mentioned factors are always contributing their parts to the failure of a man. If you put your insight on this, the lazyness of a person comes from the intrest less education. I agree with vasudevan from my point of view. We always succeed when we travel after our interest. There is no doubt about it. At the same time, we cannot miss some funs in life. So I think everythink is good untill we stay within the limit.

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    Hi friends! Take a case vise analyse .Going with friends is unavoidable,needed , from the boyhood it is there ,sometimes very useful. Class bunking may be unavoidable if it is limited to reasonable points.Some tough subjects , boring faculties ,physical fitness may justify to some extend .But exceeding the limits it brings sorrow in our lives as this society need to recognise one and money through job is ultimately unavoidable to lead a life . Regarding girl friends- it starts as fun ; some gentlemen keep it genuinely .some men misuse this habit resulting hardships to the ladies and in some exceptional cases to gents .Some feel it as love and marry and in a short period diverse other. very few, extend the
    friendship with dignity and very very few got in real love and lead a passionate life.Next comes drinks a real danger .It too starts as a fun and pulls backward one's life. Some think that we would be in control and win the feeling of addiction . But at last got addicted and lost their lives in a pitiable manner.While other three are rectifiable drinks as its power due to the chemical reaction (>mental reaction)is changing heavily the mental balance ,is a very dangerous .But in all ,these spoil -certainly spoil some- minimum but laziness and interest less subjects comparatively are more than these, reason for failure. Here we should mind that ignoring these all reasons ,many many boys take these obstacles as challenges and unavoidable in our present setup ,fight them carefully with willful mind and with help of friends ,win in their studies ,duties and in all and they guide many as flag holders.

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    I hve got a great oppurtunity to discuss about this being a student who is going to leave the school very soon.Class bunking is a real nature of boys of later teenage.Most probably it is due to his friends circle but this in not a main reasin for his failure.Drinking habits makes a student as a social animal in his early ages But this is not found in present day situation.Girl friends are needed at this age as it is the age of friendship and has to know lot more about world and has to get a high exposure,hence it cannot be a reason for his failure.The only thing for failure is his mind setup which he has to develop in a positive attitude.I too have bunked many classes and I too have one side love on a girl but still I am getting first rank which is possible due to my positive attitude .We shouldnot think ourselves lesser than others ,for us we are the great than ony other.

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