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    Endhiran is a dangerous trend setter

    It is told that Endhiran is produced with cost of 160 crores .It will spoil small budget films produced with social commitment such as Pasanga and Angaditheru
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    As far as Endhiran film is concerned, the first notable thinng is the improvement of technology usage in India. This could be considered as a mile stone and even as inspiration to the upcoming directors. So people will start to think innovatively to achieve more than this. Though these graphics based films are common in Hollywood, to kollywood or bollywood, this is very new. So let our people enjoy all these and try to appreciate the work done to make up this. Praise the mindblowing efforts. Moreover, these kind of films are not gonna be produced often. People now are very clever and innovative to produce high quality films like pasanga with low budget. So high budjet films are in no way harm to the low budget films, provided the direction and screenplay is appreciable.

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    'Trend setter' itself says something new and praiseworthy . We can enjoy . Tamilians have the talent to produce such a films . But market that decides all . A huge money is wanted and there is no guarantee to regain it . So it is hesitated.
    By 'Dangerous' I mean that the monopoly of media make the youth to waste time , money and energy in a wrong way to pour milk and etc to the cutouts of the idols . Technology is used to shock and wonder without meaning . It is in the purana that snake AAdhisheshan was used to grind milk sea to get poison and amudhu .That concept is used in this picture by wonderful technology . But grinding the same old story . A scientist has a beautiful lover . How? only to exploit her beauty ; for market sake . Her role is dancing for 4 or 5 songs . Ishwarya rai is needed for that? The scientist innovatively invent a robot . When it is feeded with feelings of love and cruelty it become a villain . As usual the villain tries for heroin the god who made the robot rescues the heroine for 100th time.The same old wine in a new bottle . To regain the investment in higher scale Endhiran is screened in all the theatres giving no room for other films . It is the danger . The new van not only runs on road but also in platforms . The success of this film will drove the film makers to search for kalanidhis and they will monopoly the industry and they will not admit the good films to be screened so that their huge money only could get success . And moreover the success is used for politics of producers and may for hero ,who knows?

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    Endhiran though has the budget around 200 crores it is due to the vast techniques applied in it. But it has only Sci-fi.It cannot have the comedies and feelings of small budget films such as pasanga and angadi theru.Endhiran has the salary expenses great as the personalities involved in making of film is not a simple ones.Endhiran has different way of liking of among the viewers who also like small budget films.And small budget films are the real films of tamil film industry as itis the heredity of tamil actors .Hence no one can interfere with each other film as both are in different paths.

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    Endhiran is a wonderful movie. The Hi-fi and state-of-the art techniques as regards robot were used and presented in such a way that, we completely forget that we are only watching a film and start dreaming of such things to come true in life.

    No doubt, such Robots will come handy and effective in the field of defense, but what will happen to the human fraternity, if feelings could be created in Robots? Just imagine, no one would be ever sad or loser in this world.

    No matter how high is the budget for this firm, Rajnikanth could make it a great success world-wide. The movie was very much different from the commercial movies made these days and the stunts, multiplication of Robots at a point of time were worth watching.

    With best wishes
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