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    What might be the reason?

    Why people are not preferring software professionals for marriage?
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    Hi Nelson,

    I do not know why do you think that way? Software professionals are very much in demand and considered as eligible bachelors, particularly.

    Recently just a fortnight back, a colleague of mine got her daughter, who is a dentist by profession, married off to a software engineer.
    This guy is working is U.S and the girl now has to leave with him for US. There Indian Degree of B.D.S is of no use. Poor girl, either she has to proceed further studies there or give up her profession and be a home maker.

    Your profile says you are doing M.Tech. Are you doing software engg.? If so don't be upset. It all depends on how one is placed in career after the academic qualification?

    Best wishes,

    With best wishes
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    :):) Mam your reply is so warm to me. Actually I have read an article in a popular magazine, according to the survey they have taken, most of the software professionals get married to only a software professional and not to the other professionals. They ahve added a reason for that. It states that the culture those people live makes them to take a wrong track most of the time. So parents are not preferring those people. I dont know to what extend it is true. But I suppose there must be atleast some truth behind it. Anyway thanks for your reply.

    With regards,

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