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    Discuss: Are the Muslim group unhappy with the verdict of Allahabad High Court announce today on t

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Are the Muslim group unhappy with the verdict of Allahabad High Court announce today on the Ayodhya issue?'.
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    British with motive of dividing Indians made this problem . Now we saw with our eyes some people demolishing Babri Masjid .A simple question ; if someone come and demolish our house how would we feel ? Our legal rights will be decided only by documents evidences . But these judges decide by faiths . Two third of land goes to Hindus of Babri Masjid .How can we accept? So appeal will be done in Supreme court. Let it decide. It is consoling that there is no calamity after judgment.

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    Judges not only decided based on faith. They clearly mentioned the following things in their judgement based on the documents / reports by Archaeological department
    1. Masjid was constructed after demolition of the Temple.
    2. Masjid was not constructed as per Islam grammar.
    3. It was constructed as the symbol of Victory by Babar.
    4. Earlier days Namaz was not performed there.

    I think this would be the better judgement for this case. Unnecessary hype was created by media for this verdict. Younger generation of India won't bother about religion.

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    Babri Masjid is constructed or not according to Islamic grammar is their business and Namaz performing is also the same point .It did not allow others occupy .It may be constructed as the symbol of Victory by Babar .So what?If u want reverse the history u have to raise many Buddha Vihars and Samana schools which were destroyed by Shiva devotees .One judge have told after demolition Masjid have been built .Others have said there is Hindu temples some parts .It may be a bonded by Hindus .Our point is for 400 years till now there is a building called babri masjid .It belongs to muslims .thirty or forty years occupation is enough to own according to civil law .Is the judgment according to .Moreover it openly mentioned that according to faith it is ram there any recorded evidence to it. Let supreme court judge these Until that we can wait

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