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    Obama stopped outsourcing. Will it affect indian economy?
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    This is the symptoms of USA's economic position .People who thought it is the land of Kubera will now realise the real position. The recession management of Obama not yielding the expected results .It is a news that 14 banks are shut down in every one month in USA .So , unemployment increase with the loss of employment .So he tries to manage , though it is against the international rules which America itself proposed and agreed through WTO ,the opposition that growsagainst him and his party .
    It will raise many problems to the world economic field .All countries will oppose and they also will begin protectionism and again US will be affected because it is the country which gets the most of the benefits of globalisation.
    We should now realise that they give orders through BPOs to us because it is cheaper labour not of best quality of human resources which we praise ourselves . So the gainers will naturally the owners of companies ie Americans .So the lossers,mostly Americans will cry against this protectionism and it will not last forever .
    It is the time to take lessons from the present crisis that managing the recession could not be made by giving plenty of money, that people give to the govt through taxes , to the companies .Instead of that the money should be pumped to the general public by making infrastructure to the nation like Roads ,dams through which a lot of employment opportunities will be made . The people with money would go to market and factories that were shut down because of recession will again start .Thus recession managed in China and it is the result giving method that been proved . Let us all pressure the govt to this effect.

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