Review of VAMSAM

On seeing the Review of PASANGA of Director Pandiraj in SEMMALAR , a Tamil monthly ,'we can say this is the first Tamil Children's Film ' I saw it and found that the review was 1000%correct .So avoiding to see his VAMSAM in the net ,
I saw it in the theatre .Arasu's love is a poetry like Barathiraja's Panjali-Paranjothi of 'Kizake pogum rayil '.Instead of train "ASin" is brilliantly used
Educated generations changing to be friends and avoiding hatred among the people in village is the message given in this film naturally .

If songs had been took more cautious The film would be a success 'Cashually'.

A teacher mother avoiding vengeance grew her child as well as the children of that village ,where her husband was killed by the landlord .This is a new one to Tamil .She brought up her child as M.SC .ZOO and without running for Techie to earn he stay in the village and take care of his lands .Though the hero avod fight it reaches to him and he succeed without any loss to the lives .
The heroine also given an important role to encourage her lover to stand against the bad and fight for good .She herself revenge her fathers murder without fear .
The nature of the village , fighting ,habitual s ,rituals ,festivals take us to a real village .Again Pandiraj has proved his commitment to the society and
given a film could be seen with family .