End to Unemployment


Unemployment is a basic problem in a society . Idle minds make Satanic thinking like terrorism , casteism ,fundamentalism ,racism ,rowdism ,law and order problems etc. All of us think it cont be controlled or finished .

Reasonable thinking questioning us why can't ? ; let us find the reason for the unemployment and then we can find a solution.

There prevails the illiteracy .So teachers are needed .Trained teachers are there in plenty without jobs . Crores of people are in need of sugar .There is needed sugar .If needed people get needed sugar the godowns will be empty at once and to produce sugar there will need sugar factories . There will employment opportunity . Thus if needed buy dresses there will need factories to accommodate lakhs of workers . Take chapels for instance .If barefoot of India wear chapels and shoes which will decrease diseases ,all the shoe marts will be emptied soon.We may extend this list to all the items we use in our life .

The point is money . The buying capacity of the people should be increased . Then we can employ the maximum workers in our factories ,fields ,schools offices and in service sectors etc.

Here comes the land reforms which we forget to implement properly.In sixty years we do not share the resources between us properly.Few hundreds of land lords are having 60 %-70 % of the lands while crores of toiling mass having only hands as their wealth .There is a Chinese proverb :"a man is given birth with not only a stomach but also with hands and brain . So if we utilise the tremendous human resourse properly we can do wonder .

We can share the land and give it to the crores of agricultural labourers and some money they will work hard to get the gain for themselves .Till date they are working for others only . The harvest will yield them money to buy things they need to live a decent life . They could not even think this type of life .In due course their next generation will have works in factories ,in govt services .

All is correct .Who will give the lands to the people ? The people with help of the government if the govt truly intend to minimise the unemployment problem .