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    Respond every indians

    What are the measures we should take to get rid off bribery in our nation?
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    Bribery the white collar crime is impossible to be removed as it is finely fixed in the government.

    but it is possible to restrict it to some extent , such as be bold to claim your rights and notice every actions about you regarding the government into your heart

    It is better to appoint young indians in all jobs and to have cc cameras in government office.

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    Hi Nelson,

    What will you do when you are in the situation of giving bribe to others to do your work? We can't deny that we are facing the bribery from the higher level to the lower level. I think if we deny to pay bribe to the concerned person to do our work, then our work will be in pending until you satisfy him.

    I agree with Siyaram that it is better to appoint young Indians in all job and CC tv. Do you think bribery will come to an end. No. They will take the bribery in other means.

    So removing bribery system from India is not possible unless until all the people take oath against it.



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    When my father died I had to get a death certificate and legal heirs certificate from Tashildar. V.A.O. who is a friend , asked me Rs.400/-. I mocked at him that , "come and search in my house ; if there is my father you don't give certificate". He signed and gave it to me "You go and say the same to Tashildar and get your certificates". Then I went to R.I. nearly five days and Tashildar took twenty days .Believe it or not the dispatch clerk took two days to put the seal on it .Finally I counted and found that I had spent RS.550/- to get the needed certificates.If I had given to my V.A.O.friend Rs.400/- I would have got it in four days instead of one and half month time. This is the position of our country .
    But I would say that corruption is the product of our system .When the system is changed it would gradually decrease ,diminish and dis appear.When would it change ? If we, the people , join hands to fight till the end, it will.
    Till that time ,we can oppose the corruption at top level first . Finding faults with lower level may correct . But it is like crushing of mosquitoes and letting of crocodiles. And because of the top basses corruption grow to the roots. So ,let us start with 2G, Chethan desai , CWG,IPL etc.

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    Hello Mr.Nelson,

    Bribery is the prime notice that is to be brought in face of all of us. We Indians need to eradicate such measures by employing the passage for proper strict measure that will bring forth the stoppage for most of the evils lurking in the society.

    Moreover bribery is seeming to be increasing in the parts of areas where population have a less effect or they are seeming to adapt the measures of safety policies by every government of India. Soon this will bring a new light on the importance to eradicate the 'Bribery'issues all over the world.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

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