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    To reduce poverty

    What are the measures that our government to follow to reduce poverty in India?
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    Poverty is the production of the government and its policy . So the government won't reduce poverty . It may talk ,sometimes seriously. But it is a mask to cheat the voters . It is the representative of the rich . Strawing from many and many people it develops rich into richer. One who would seriously analyse the Indian economy would accept these.
    Now 69 families are with the wealth of above 5000 crores of rupees.At the same time 70% of the population live with only 20 rupees per day.These statistics are of the government.It is the proof of my points mentioned above.
    If the govt really wants to reduce poor it is possible.You see that the Tamil Nadu government gives the rice for one rupee a kilo. If this is possible why can't it give all fifteen items of grocery in cheap rate .It is the will of the govt that decide which is lack.
    It is the buying capacity of the people make them poor or rich.If they got money they would buy all things that would make them relieved. They work for others as Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram said "madaay ozaichchavan vazkaiyile pasi vandhidak karanam enna ? Avan thediya selvangal veror idaththile servadhanal varum thollai" So ,he should be given some land to toil for himself . If it is given and helped to cultivate , he would done wonder in yield . He will sell his yield and buy things . So it would result of scarcity of things in market . This would imply to start many factories and they would engage many labours . They would earn and develop more the market and the cyclic effect will make people employed and earned.Extra money they would spent on cultural s and they would lead a life of enjoyable.

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