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    Discuss: Do you think indians have achieved more than others after independence

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think indians have achieved more than others after independence'.
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    Can you be little clear about what the word "others" means here, so that other members can clearly come out with their discussions.

    Regards - Lakshmi S

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    Hi Thangavelu,

    I think what you meant by others is - compared to other countries.

    I would say, India has definitely achieved more than other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, etc.

    With best wishes
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    When compared to the other little countries that have not shown any development we can say that India has shown great development after independence. But when you compare India with the other developed nations we can very well say that the situation has got worsen even more than the previous condition because of many issues. The political pressure and many other issues are greatly responsible in suppressing India from its development.

    New York is the city that is popular now all over the world. Everyone knows more about New York city. But the main truth about the New York city is that it was created only before some 500 years. Before that nothing was there. So to consider this point we can tell that we are too back in development. There are many reason on why India is facing such problems. The first main fact is the Population growth. The population is increasing to a greater extent and it can be said that we are not in the position to issue resources to all the people who deserve it because of the drastic population growth.

    One more thing. When British came to India a notable thing was that India was the only country in this world which doesn't have diseases and there were not beggars in this country. After that there was a change. There was no unity among the people and this has made the British people to put a strong base in our country.

    So finally i would like to tell that India definitely needs more development.

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    We should not compare our development with the countries that are under developed or developing. We should consider even the facts like number of years after independance,population,etc,. When compared to pakistan definetly India has shown enourmous development in fields like space science,medicine,engineering. But why should we confined ourself comparing with developed or underdeveloped. There are lot of countries going ahead of India. Why don't we compare them with us.India is topping the list of bribary and other illegal activities. In AIDS we are the 2nd country. Are we getting developed or diminished?.

    Don't ever do compare our country with some other. We should try to come out with our best.Thats it.

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