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    Shock to see

    Hi friends,

    I could not digest the news that devotees breaking coconut on their head seeking divine benefit in a temple (Mahalakshmi)at Karur. But I saw only people are ending up with broken skulls and bones in the telecast. Even you can see the priest gones on and breaking the coconut on the heads of the devotees. Even the administration is not willing to take any action, because it is connected with the religious beliefs of the people.

    In India, particularly our TamilNadu is growing up very fastly on every sector, why the people are still believing all these.

    I am really shocked to see this.

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    The Temple is located in Mahadanapuram of Karur district. This is vey ancient festival and has been celebrated every year in the month of Aadi. It is not easy for District Administration to take action against any religious related beliefs. The people have to think themselves and give up these kind of activities.

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    This can't be changed by the district administrator alone.Who knows? Even his family members may support that.That belief has imported even in their cells.No one can change that.But this is really embarrassing.World is going somewhere higher but our people are indulging in activities like this.Hopefully our next generation should not follow this stupid activities.

    People are getting changed.We can't expect all in sudden.Lets give some time for them.Thank god.There are some people to care others.
    I appreciate it vasumathi.


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    Hi Nelson,

    Thanks for the reply. I was very much upset on seeing this. God never asks to do such a brutal offerings from us. If we think good to others that makes God happy and he will definitely pour his blessings to us. I hope atleast the next generation come out of these kind of offerings.



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    God never asked these brutal things? Then what he asked? To whom ? Then why He didn't stopped these? He asked for fruits ,camphor ,bathi , flower ,sandal ? So ,we can argue .But people are innocent .What are the reasons behind them?Un education ,scientific approach less education etc. They believe in god and the god will respond to these deeds .He accept Kannappa Naainar like worshipping .They grieve hard .They find no other way other than what they know.
    District authorities can intervene if they got will. Our govt machinery also fed with these ideology .The govt should instruct and educate their staff.The disciples of Periar ruling .But certainly the ideology of his is not.

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