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    Car accident in Chennai

    A school bus recently side-swiped our car as we were waiting for a red light to change. The bus driver certainly knew he hit us but, rather than stop, he sped away to escape the consequences. Unlike the US where it is customary to trade insurance information, involve police or lawyers--in India, the offending party often takes off!

    We contacted our insurer and the school (which has predictably not responded). Our insurance will cover our damage minus the deductible out of our pocket. They may increase our premiums as a result of the accident for which we were not responsible. How should we proceed? Should we claim the damage? Solve it ourselves by directly contacting the school? Chalk it up to experience and just pay for it like most people do here? Tell us what you think
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    If you have noted down the number speak to the concerned school first, if there is no response from them then you can file a FIR against them. Use this document to get full insurance for your car and speak to your insurance company regarding increase of premium. If its not your fault then they need not. Good luck.

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    Hey John,

    Thanks so much for the valuable information!


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    It is indeed very unfortunate that you got involved in your car accident. After booking F.I.R. you can also sue the School by issuing lawyer notice for the damages caused along with mental agony. Hope a reasonable School will respond you in a positive manner.

    Regards - Lakshmi S

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    It is sad to learn about the accident.

    Besides contacting your insurer and the school, it is essential that you lodge a F.I.R. with the police immediately. Without which, there is no chance of getting any insurance cover also.

    Since the bus involved is attached to the school, the intervention of school is warranted. They will definitely respond to your complaint of F.I.R. Even after lodging an F.I.R., if the school is willing, they can sort out the matter amicably and come out with mutual out-of-court settlement to compensate your damages.


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