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    What is Your opinion about Joint family system

    What do you think about the Joint family system? Is it advantage or disadvantage?


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    Joint family system has lot of advantages when compared to the nuclear family system. It is most beneficial for working women as it will help to reduce the burden of her a lot. But this system will work only when both the young and old generation make some adjustments to their character, attitude,life style etc and the main problem is Ego clashes between father-son,mother-in-law & daughter-in-law.If both these generations makes small sacrifices for each other,it is the best family system.

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    HI Meenatchi,

    Thanks for the response. Yes I agree with you. Joint family has lots of benefits than a nuclear family. Both the young and old should join their hands without any ego, attitude etc., then it will definitely work out.



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    Hai Vasumathi,
    I strongly reccommend the presence of grand parents for the children's mental , emotional and intellectual development.A child growing along with his grand parents will be more confident.Also in this fast pace city life a caring grand parent is a need. But as you said, a little patience on both sides will pay you much more in the long run.
    I,even now long for the stories which my patti used to tellme.But I can't reciprocate it to my son, as I 'm busy.Also aged parents feel secure when they are with family members.

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    Hi Hema,

    Thanks for sharing your views about the joint family system. I personally feel that joint family is not at all a disadvantage. There is lots of advantages only. There is always pros and cons are there. It is our way how we would like to see that. If we take the advantage in mind and think definetely we will be happy in the joint family system.



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    Hi everyone.I am yet to get a family.So I think I am not eligible for answering this question.Well,anyway,I would like to register my view on joint family.I have seen many people get changed once they get married.They go just behind their wife to get a separate family without caring about their parents.Of course being alone has its own beneficial acts.But its better always to tie up with the experienced ones.Even if we get any problem they will help us to solve as they would have earned very good knowledge and experience.

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    Joint family system has its own advantages and disadvantages both.
    It all depends on the perspective of the family members,how they take it.

    Re: If a joint family is lives on a family business and all adults are contributing their services equally, there will not be any problem.
    Rather, family will extend help to each other families, and enjoy life.

    Children from Joint family always grow and groomed in to a nice human beings in later lives.

    If all the family members must be honest, respect their relationships with the female and male members of the family, such joint family will be a happy one throughout their lives.

    With best wishes
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    Aah.. what a word suseela? Myth..Yes .joint family is a myth .We all wish to hide our reality and shield with good words .joint family?who said it is only patti .& parents .?brothers ,sisters , their families parents & grands ..Now , it possible.All we want is a GOOD servant or ..vants to bring up our burden ,children ,cooking ,helping ,etc. Will we fulfill their feelings ,will we just hear them?won't.. Joint family was the production of the period of farming .there it was necessary because agriculture was a collective effort .Now ,industrialisation shattering all men to all sides .modernisation making a nuclear family itself a collection of alienated members ,within family ,.some compulsion only tie a husband with his wife or son or daughter .beware of future and be ready to face ..

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    According to me joint family system was an excellent concept in the olden days. But in today's world this particular concept is eradicated from people mind. It is very much necessary that a family should be a Joint family. In the Joint family there are lots of advantages. If a particular child is grown in the Joint family then the Child will be having lots of possibilities to learn lots of things. There is no necessity that the Child have to be taken care by the mother or the father. Rather all the other people in the Joint family will take care of the child.

    And for the people of the joint family there will not be any negative thoughts. If a person comes inside the joint family from a normal family then that person will find it difficult to adapt with that family. Every good things will be thought by the grand mother and the grand father. It will be a very healthy place to live. The relationships are the most important thing in life. If it is a joint family then we can see all sort if relationships. This will create happiness in the mind.

    Thanks and Regards
    S Balasubramanian
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