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    What do you think about Drunk & Drivers?

    Hi chennai spider..

    I am back after a long time. In the mean time I was some what busy with my site & my online jobs, yesterday i got a message from shankar ganesh to continue my work in this chennai spider.

    Today I started this topic, because I faced a problem in this matter. Last week myself and my husband went to shopping in his two wheeler, we met an accident by a car which came speedily against our vehicle, after we found that the driver is drunk heavily and drove his car with a high speed, we made a complaint against him. Such type of drunkers are the main reason for the road accidents.

    Our Police must take severe action against them to solve this problem, surely it helps to reduce accidents too. What do you think about this? share here.
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    Hi Bagavathy,

    Welcome back to Chennai Spider. It needs the member like you. I like share my view on drunk and drive.

    The drunken drivers must be given a punishment, which should be a lesson for other drunken drivers. Just collecting fine and let them go out on bail makes them do the same mistake again and again. These people are putting their life as well as others life also in risk.

    They should be given punishment. Their license must seized. They should never drive again.


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    I fully agree with Vasumathi. Collecting a fine is not a solution. The drunken drivers should be given punishment like putting them in jail for atleast 1 week and their license must be cancelled.

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    Drunken drivers are the real culprits and putting the innocent people's lives at stake.

    They have to be punished. The victims lodge a F.I.R. against drunken drivers with the police. But the police force is corrupt,they let them out on collecting bribe. Even if the case goes to court, they are let out after paying some fine and compensation to the accident victims.

    Most of them on the highways during the night make accidents with two wheelers and run away. No trace of them.

    In my opinion, Government should employ a special team of police force to keep strict watch on the traffic signals and check the suspected drivers, if they are proved drunk, take them to task and fine them heavily. Prevention is better than cure.

    With best wishes
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    Apart from the drunken drivers, over worked sleepy call center cab drivers needs to get lots of credits for the accidents in Chenni city, specially in the late hours of night.

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    The Drunken Drivers do not act on their own but under the influence of alcohol and before knowing what has happened they make all the tragedies. They are not at all human. Heaviest punishment should be given to them so that the very thought of drinking before driving shall be avoided at the beginning.

    Thanks for bringing out a nice topic in CSR. My best wishes.

    Regards - Lakshmi S

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    Thanks a lot friends.. All your response are very good. Thanks for the greatest vote in my topic.
    With Thanx & Regards...

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    Drunken drivers is one of the cause of accidents .What about others? .
    The rules and regulations of issuing the driving license also should be made very strict and hard . Transporting plans should be reviewed frequently .I wonder the surge in the number of vehicles in a short period . Do the roads grow likewise ? It is the basic thing we have to think about . I want a statistics of the number of licensed drivers in India and drivers who met with accidents because of their drunken habit .I am sure that it will be negligible percentage .It is not my case that the drunken drivers should not be punished . In that , I join hands with you all .

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