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    Indian customs and Beliefs - 1 ( Crow Sound )

    Hello Friends,
    I have some doubts about several customs and beliefs because i don't know the reason for that. I wish i can get answers for my doubts in this forum.
    Usually when crow makes a sound continuously for sometime, people used to say that someone is going to visit our house. Why they are saying like that? How crow knows somebody is going to come to our house?

    One thing i know is crows are considered to be our ancestors and we keep rice daily for it before we eat. Is any other reason behind this?
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    Hi Meenatchi,

    Answer to your question is nothing but 'Myth', an ancient story spun by our ancestors.

    It is just the faith that matters. If you believe in such things, any coincidence will appear to be true. There are some people who believe in such things, like what you said about crow. It is not only amongst the Indians, in other countries also they believe in such things.

    One has to experience and decide whether to believe such myth or not.
    Let us not hurt other's sentiments.


    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Our ancestors are really unbelievable in some cases.There are some proved cases wherein people from tamilnadu invented more scientific things before it comes in book by foreigners.So we should not under estimate our ancestors sayings.But in this case I don't have really belief.How come a crow with 5 sense can guess humans.This is practically or scientifically impossible.Rather I would say it is ridiculous.People from this generation have to analyze things that are left by our ancestors.At the same time we cant ignore their sayings.There can be some meaningful thoughts.So decide yourself.


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    If cat cross us ,a danger is waiting for us . Lizard falling on head would result in death.Widows would spoil our things by coming in front of us.We can go on like these.When scientific education was not there ,in the period of kings ,gurus and their families spread all they thought to avoid questions .They got the authority with the support of kings .The king needed gurus support by spreading mis beliefs all the people were made abide the power of kings. They made education not for all .That comes through generations till now and making us asking doubt crow sound in INTERNET. Thus belief proves powerfull.We should be vigilant on these things .Vivek is saying about this ''எத்தனை பெரியார் வந்தாலும் பத்தாது''

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