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    Hi friends,

    What is your definition on beauty

    Pour your definition.

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    Beauty is in the heart and not in the face.

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    HI Meenatchi,

    Well said!!! Good answer.Thinking good for others, making others happy and helping the needy and good heart makes us beautiful.



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    Hello Mrs. Vasumathi!

    Let me not post heaps of words as a response to this thread, but only a celebrated phrase by the English poet John Keats from "Ode on a Grecian Urn":

    Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

    Hope this small phrase epitomizes every possible definition of beauty.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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    Beauty is visible in one's figure and physic. This is what generally everybody looks for. It will be a blunt lie, if we say we assess the beauty of a person by his heart and good deeds, etc.

    But we all should understand here the such beauty related to physical attraction never long last. The real beauty lies in one's heart, which leads to generosity, help the needy ones, giving charity, understand others problems and come forward readily for rescue, etc. will stay for ever through out one's life and even after death.


    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Beauty is all about what you can experience through your eyes and it has nothing to do with your heart and soul.All I want from you people is just don't be too filmy!!!.Try to find the truth and learn to accept it.In this discussion I want to go with Sushila and she is absolutely right.If you want to define one's behavior English has given a lot of words for that.Do not use 'beauty' for that.

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    All of u come out to say what 'heart'.why should we cover the results of brain as heart ,a blood pumping station.why, beauty could not denote the body.feeling ,shy? look a child,its laughing ,its woding ,its mistakes it not beauty ?look trisha's always smiling face .is it not beauty?Did u seen Ratthakanneer?in climax ,the leprous, ugly,M.R.RAdha will hand over his wife to his friend S.S.R.after realising his misddeds and to give relief to his wife .sso beauty. coming..may be physical or thougt or deed .if it gives peace ,happy,energy to others ,then it is beauty.

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    Hello friends,

    Mr. Vasudevan's interepretation of heart and brain made me also think.
    Why do we drag the heart for any deed of ours instead of making our brain responsible for it?

    At last I found an answer to this. Take it or leave it. I am just expressing my views here.

    Using the word heart in our day-to-day life, is not just referring to an organ that pumps the blood and responsible for the circulation of blood all over the body.

    Through out the world, this word heart is used to denote good deeds or bad deeds of the human beings. For e.g. when we say " You have a good heart; Thanks for helping that blind friend of ours". This does not mean that he has donated his blood. He might have helped him financially, or even arranged for a surgery needed to restore his vision.

    So we should not restrict ourselves when translating such words as "heart" in terms of physiology. One more e.g. "Beware of his/her "Long hands" - when we say somebody is having long hands, we mean, not the physical length of the hands, but the " stealing habbit" of that person.

    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Again ,I am here .Yes ,all over the world this usage refers to the matter as sister sushila correctly mentioned above. But it is from the time when men thought heart is the reason for all our deeds and when men did not correctly identify the functions of our brain .When fire is a rare thing there was fight for it between groups of men .Then our ancestors carry it all through their journey .Following this we take fire to cremation stage now with mejority having matchbox with them in pockets .
    My humble question is why should we continue one thing even though we know it is not correct .why should we say one for another .

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    Beauty does not depends on external features but it is the one to symbolise your character and depends on your internal feelings.

    There are many things in this world which cannot be defined. But they are expressable. One such that is BEAUTY.

    But in this modern world external appearance is also needed.

    hence for this modern world external appearance is beauty and if it is combined with good heart it would be great.

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    Hi siyaram,

    Your expression about beauty is very much admirable. Good to note that you always see the good heart eventhough the world the external beauty.

    Happy posting!!!!

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