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    Discuss: Do you care about the environment?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you care about the environment?' What are the steps you are going to take to save our environment?
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    Yes I care a lot about our environment. I try to use cloth carry bags most of the time and when disposing off the garbage I segregate the garbage cleanly and I also keep them in separate bins.
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    Hello Vasumathi,

    I agree that I many times don't care about the environment. I don't do it knowingly but what I can do my wrong habit sometimes become my need and I can refuse that, I will try to save my environment but I can't ignore some needs of mine such as A/C and automobiles, they are my primary needs ,I can't ignore that, these are my need . Thanks for the post.

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    Hi Rajmi,

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondered there was no reply for my thread, so i thought people really don't care about the enviornment. Now I am happy that atleast some are there to care about the enviornment. Make sure you can also save the environment and also electricity bill by keeping the lights & airconditoners off when it is not required.

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    Hi RKD,

    Yes of course, nowadays everybody needs a/c, mobile and computer. I will never say that we should shut all these to save our environment. But of course, whenever you don't need you can put it off.

    You can save by keeping the mobiles in power saving mode instead of keeping the screen saver on. same applies to computer also. You can keep the A/c also in sleeping mode, after cooling your room, say 2 hrs.

    Nice to see your responses. Keep posting.

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    A good topic.These are the small things iam following:
    1.Iam using my own cloth bags for buying vegetables,fruits and flowers.
    2.I never throw any wastes on the road.I always throw it in the dustbin.
    3. To save trees, iam not buying any newspaper. I read the news online and watch TV.I opted e-statements for the utility bills like mobile,credit card,bank statement etc.
    4. When iam not using any item which consumes power, i switch it off immediately.

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    HI Meenatchi,

    Thanks for the response. I am very happy to note that you are doing your best to save ur environment. Keep it up. If we all aware of how to save our environment and follow it definitely our world become greener. Little efforts brings great success.

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    Hello Vasumathi Madam!

    Obviously! We got to care about our environment. If we do not do this we will endanger the existence of none but ours! The things I sincerely try to do in order to save my environment are:

    1. I save energy as much as possible. We have a car, but I hardly drive it unless really needed. I turn off switches whenever not in use, and use power saving gadgets as much as possible.

    2. I hardly use plastic bags.

    3. Like Mrs. Anandkumar, I am also concerned for saving paper. Nevertheless, I do not do as much as she does; but I use my computer as much as possible to write things and thus save paper. Also, I prefer E-books to hardcopies.


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    Yes I grow trees in my garden ,I use bicycle and encourage my friend in his efforts in bringing leaflets on growing trees .I have used cement and plastic doors instead of wooden doors in my house.
    But I think these are petty things .I used to criticize the roll of USA and like G8 countries for not agreeing to cut the amount of releasing co2 which cause global warming .It is the great danger we have to concern .The countries who emit more gases affecting temperature do not give up their wrong doing .But ,they press India and third world countries to cut their factories and production and compel us to import their products thus causing cut in our employment. Our country correctly stand in the stand that who produce more harmful gases should cut more and countries who produce small amount can cut proportionally.
    So we ,who are interested in environment,should begin the campaign on the adamant attitude of G8 countries to control global warming .This is the urgent and great job to keep our nature long last

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    This thread is really informative and I enjoyed reading all these which are really a must know to every Indian. I really want to appreciate Vasumathi for posting such a useful message to seek the opinions of all on this topic.

    I hereby declare that I will stop using plastics from now on.

    Keep posting threads like this and rise others.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Nelson,

    I am so happy to read your response and your declaration for not using plastics and to know this thread made our members to think about our environment.

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