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    Pour your suggestions on How to improve the

    Hi! Everybody!

    I am relatively a new member here and I do not know whether I can author such a thread on the said topic or not. However, keeping in mind the general performance of Chennaispider, may I ask you to pour your ideas from all corners on How to improve the . Also, excuse me, if I am wrong in posting this thread here at

    Waiting with a bucket, to catch all your ideas pouring from all corners,

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    Hi Satish,
    you are most welcome to post such a thread. It is really nice to see such type of threads from members which will give us more info as to how to make Chennai Spider one stop website for all the needs of one who wishes to know about Chennai.

    The first and foremost, I would say is that there should be more and more participants. And for that I am announcing a refferal contest. Check out the announcement section of forum. The more the members the more the contributions. More the contributions, more improvement in site rank and site visibility.

    More suggestions are welcome from one and all.

    Let us make one stop for all that one wants to know about Chennai.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    HI Satish,

    I would like to give my idea to improve the chennai spider.

    1. Give 10 points extra and Rs.2-5 to boost the members who ever contributing with their resources, making new thread and giving best answer and earning points atleast 15-20 per day.
    2. You can give the member who are giving the best receipes, 5 points extra than what you are giving and atleast Rs.5/- whoever submitting their best receipe.

    I hope you will like these ideas.

    thanks & regards


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    I think Chennaispider has to follow tamilspider. Compare last month and this month activities in tamilspider. Tremendous Growth.

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    Hello Suresh
    I agree that there is tremendous growth in tamilspider as compared to last month, but I would like members to come with their best here too. I will be implementing the same partnership program from July at Chennaispider too.

    Dr Sanjeev (Sandy)

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    Hello Satish Kumar,

    Thanks for posting this forum, I know we have to do lots of work for the development of the site so that it can be best search site for Chennai, In my view the contest that is posted by Webmaster is good one i.e, "Invite your friends and win cash prizes", I love to participate in that kind of contest to win prizes, Similarly we can introduce number of contest which makes people to participate more in each and every section of Chennai. I love to participate in this kind of contest and I will surely participate.

    We can introduce competition such as:

    Member of the month
    Member of the week
    Member of the Year
    Best Support Award etc

    For the site betterment there is a need of contest and competition.

    Thank You

    Happy Posting

    Nothing is Impossible in love life and war

    With Regards
    Proud to be a ChennaiSpider Member

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    Hi Dr.Sanjeev,

    Good to see your response. Hope to see your thread and posting here also as same as in Tamilspider as told you by July.



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    Hi RKD,

    I would like to give my support for the suggestion given by you to improve chennai spider. As you said nothing is impossible in love life and war. I agree but to make it possible we should stand together. Keep posting!!!!



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    Hi Dr. Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your response. Hope chennaispider will rock soon

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    Hello Vasumathi,

    Yes I agree with your point that we all should stand together to post that kind of resource, forums, polls, business post, etc. to that extent of quality which can't be achieved by any other site of India and try to make it best search site of India for Chennai.

    With Regards
    Proud to be a ChennaiSpider Member

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    Content is King to get traffic to any site, so let us share our knowledge on this site, in the resource section, forum section and link them to our blogs and other sites of ISC, this will make more people to read them and if they like they will join with us.
    Thanks & Regards
    CEO Siaar Group

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    Hello Friends,
    I joined chennai spider long time back. But i was not active for sometime. Now iam visiting the site again. My suggestions are:

    1. Time taken for approval of articles should be improved. We can get the help of senior members who are interested to work as editors and they can be given rewards for their work.
    2. Cash credits for articles are very less compared to other sites.
    3. Points given for posting and replying to forums should be increased.
    4. Competition suggested by the member ravi are good.

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    Hi everyone.

    I think we can append some more category like various fields of studies and this can improve the number of students to this site.

    Thank you.

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    HI Nelson,

    It is a good suggestion adding some more category in the CSR. I also recommend this suggestion to CSR.



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