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    In Chennai Traffic, which irritates you more?

    Hi! Everybody!

    Everyday, we come across the snarls of heavy Chennai City and Chennai City Sub-urban traffic. Which is the one factor that most irritated you? The Traffic Police, the Signals, the Two-wheelers, the unruly people who drive etc.

    Please fume out here about your nostalgic moments of Chennai City Traffic and the reasons for your irritation with proper elaboration.

    Expecting you to fume out,

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    Whever I think of traffic in Chennai, people opposite to me can see fumes and smoke coming out of my ears and nose. The signals take a long time, especially the signals near Nandam are quite irritating. One can always expect to stop 3 times in the signal. Also the timer in the signals now a days are too large and one have to wait atleast for a min and half.

    Chennai traffic becomes worse when it rains.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hi, Satish Kumar, my Co-passenger,

    I would say the Traffic Police of Chennai are the most irritating.

    May be 10 years ago, during my visit to Chennai, I was moving with my sisters . Came to a big road, suddenly I found my sisters were missing. I got so scared and thought they might have crossed the road leaving me behind. So hurriedly, I managed to crossed the road;while doing so I heard people shouting. I did not realize at that time they were shouting at me. Merrily I crossed the road, but a traffic cop stopped me there. He said I broke the rules and I was guilty. I should not have crossed the road.

    I told him that I was new to the city, and have lost trace of my sisters with whom I was on the other side of the road. Nothing worked, that blessed Traffic Cop escorted me to the other side and made me take the subway there.

    We were not having mobiles at that time. My sisters were also perplexed and were coming back through the subway and finally we met.
    One of my sisters was living in Chennai at that time, who also gave me a good shouting for not following her. The whole shopping mood was gone.

    I would say the unruly auto riksha drivers are also irritating. Their using slangs, and demanding money over and above the meter fare, and taking us round and round in a wrong route.


    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Hi sathish.. Traffic itself is an irritating one. We all know chennai is one of the main city in the populated country India, chennai itself have a lot of population, so it is very hard to reduce the traffic, so we must face all the difficulties of traffic while going to school, job or an important event.

    I am very much irritated by some people who are drunk and drive. Few days ago, myself and my husband went to shopping in his two wheeler, some fellow drunked a lot and drive his car against our vehicle, we met a little bit accident by his nasty behavior. We also made a complaint about it. Police must take severe actions against this type of drunk & drive fellows, it will reduce the accidents ratio.

    With Thanx & Regards...

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    Ramji you are so funny!!!.I hate chennai because of the traffic problems.But this is life right?.If we want a traffic less world,definitely this is not the place.We should get transferred to the moon.But after we reach moon,again our heart will long for traffic full hell chennai.This is it.Traffic is little bit irritating.That is really true.

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