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    Discuss: What is your opinion about summer camps during summer vacation?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What is your opinion about summer camps during summer vacation?'.
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    It is better to send the children to summer camps during summer vacation. But parents should see that the camp is an organized one where the children will get a lot of opportunities to learn extra curricular activities other than the academic ones taught in the school. For e.g. teaching drawing, painting, story telling, debates, music, and competition on such topics will be the attractive themes for the kids. Also some outdoor games are to be there.

    Distribution of prizes and certificates must be there at the end of the course. The camp organizers should see every kid should get a consolation prize for their participation in the camp.

    In my opinion it is very good to send the children to organized summer camps where children will get an exposure to mingle with other children of caste and creed and get accustomed to be independent, and also develop their personality.

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    Summer camps are good for the children will get opportunities to show their efficiencies other than learning. Instead of spending their time in front of the TV set this type of camps will be a different experience for them which might enrich their knowledge .

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    I remember a lot about my summer holidays when we used to spend a lot of time with our grand parents and cousins. Every day went off fun filled. Getting up itself is a great ritual, and then the morning brunch is served to us by our grand ma in our hands (of course it is a must for the dinner) or we will be asked to sit in a circle and she will serve the food to all the kids (we were almost 5 cousins) together. Then comes the learning session where we have to sit and write our hand writing just a page (I am sure all my cousins will also say yes that our hand writing is good now). My neice is going to a summer camp where they are teaching hand writing. Then grand pa will play games with us, either Dayakattam or Pallankuzhi or Carrom board. (We literally got to learn how to play in a group). Then in the evenings we help grandma fold the clothes and arrange the dresses in the respective shelves or their respective bags. Then we go out and play. Evenings we wash and sit to learn slokas from grand pa. Then in the night, grandma used to serve us food in our hands and one of our uncle tells us stories. Every week new story will be started and by the end of the holidays we all will not feel like going back.

    Though all these happened when I was young say a generation back, now a days it have become a competitive world. Kids have to learn a lot of things. But I personally feel that summer classes for swimming or skating or personality development classes. I have always felt that parents can make the children improve their handwriting and also learn different stories. Now a days almost all the household have either a laptop or a computer. And many parents either both or one know the complete operation of computers, instead of sending their kids to computer classes to learn basics like word, excel or powerpoint, if the parents themselves can teach that to the kids
    (ofcourse with a little bit of patience), the bonding between them both is sure to improve and kids will also learn with great interest.

    Only thing that we wont get when we parents teach things like this at home is a certificate. But I feel that the bonding between the parents and kids become more important than a certificate.

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