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    Recent Films Misguide Guys

    I am very much worried to write about this topic. Some recent films like "Thiradha Villayattu Pillai","Naan Avan Ilai" mis guides our youths a lot. This films provides a lot of ideas to our youths to cheat girls, what the hell is this?
    will our cine industry take steps to stop this type of films?
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    I strongly agree with you that these days, the films are produced with commercial point of view only. They just want the films to attract audience and they are least bothered about the impact of the youth in our country,damaging their future.

    Boys and girls will apply the techniques shown in the films,and make a fool of themselves.

    Wise thing is we should never try to copy the bad qualities or act of the characters and land into trouble. While watching any such films, we must always bear in mind that what we are watching is just a movie, the actors were just acting and there was nothing worth in practical life.


    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    S mam ur view and advice is nice, but most of our youths takes cine hero's as their role models and going in the way which they shown in the films, mostly they take the wrong side only.

    Technology development also spoils the youths, there are a lot of good things in the technology but our youth takes only the bad things like capturing vulgur films in cell cameras and upload it in the net. So many good gals r wounded in dis activity.

    Here i share a incident that had happened in my friend's life. She went to a theater to see the movie theeradha villayattu pillai. There some guys mistreated her in the style provided by the movie, she suffered a lot by that incident. She personally worried a lot to me about this incident. So after reading this message this type of guys should realise their mistakes and treat other girls as their own sister. This attitude only will change this type of issues.

    People in cine industry kindly take steps to stop this kind of movies and provide nice movies to shape our youth in a good way, this is my humble request.

    With Thanx & Regards...

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    Why should we blame the film industry? We know they are making films for commercial purpose except few. Youngesters must be aware of this. We should always keep this in mind that we are watching a work of imagination. We are watching movie just for timepass. It is upto them who are watching the movie whether they should take the positive points from it or not.

    I agree with you Ms.Bagavathy about your opion that the cineindustry must take some steps. but I don't think that is going to happen except some directors all are only to make money. Even the stars are ready to do whatever be the role allotted.


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    Hi Vasumathi..
    I m not blamming the film industry. Movie is a nice media to reach people. Cine industry also provides nice movies. But my thought is our cine industry must stop this type of rubbish productions and give nice things to our youths to shape their future.

    Cine industry already gave nice pictures about Bharathi, Periyar, Gandhi and so other popular personalities. My thought is film industry also produce a film about our living genius "Dr. Abdul Kalaam". This will be very useful to our youths to shape their future. Dr. kalaam is a nice role model to our youths.

    With Thanx & Regards...

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