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    Is it a sin ?

    Dear Editors,

    I think it is a sin in writing in Tamil in this Chennai spider.Though I posted my articles by 23rd of Jan 2010,but still the status is pending,even after so many remainders.But at the same time some of the articles which was posted by some others in English even in the 3rd week of Feb-2010,was approved.God and the Editors only knows the reason.

    If Chennai spider is not interested to receive articles in Tamil Language please announce the same.

    My Reminder No :1.
    My Reminder No :2.
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    Dear Ramesh Babu,

    No, It is not a sin to write in Tamil font in Chennai spider. Don't ever think like that. You have to remember everyone will not know the font to appreciate what you have written. They are really very good, particularly the poem, 'Mappillai Sandhai'

    Tamil is our mother tongue and you can definitely write in it but just Tamil will not help you because there are many in the outside world who do not understand Tamil. I am a malayalee and I know to read and write Tamil but do not expect everyone to be like that.

    So I feel it would be better if you could translate the poem and the other articles you have written in English. Summary / meaning of the poem or the article would be welcome along with the Tamil post.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    Editor, Chennai Spider

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    Dear Latha Madam,

    Congratulations for learning one more language other than your mother tongue.That is India.Unity in Diversity.

    Thank you for responding me.But my main question is why my resource was in pending status so long? Will it get published or not? Just because of this I am not posting any articles so far.

    Awaiting for your kind reply,
    Ramesh Babu.

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    Hi Ramesh Babu,
    We are very happy to have Tamil content in our website, but you have to understand one thing, that we have to be searched by google and other search engines. Those of us who know Tamil, (me, who write kavidaigal myself), liked and appreciated your writings, but still, we have to understand that we also need to cater to a larger mass. Please add a gist of your essay and a translation of your poem or atleast a summary for others those who dont know to read Tamil also to appreciate your writings.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    So, Ramesh Babu's question has been answered with due explanation by the horse's mouth, the Webmaster himself!

    Hope, Ramesh Babu takes it in good spirit and removed the ill feeling of rejection of his articles from his heart and continue to contribute in the prescribed manner.

    Now that he guidelines are spelled out, other members will also note the same and observe decorum of the Chennai Spiders.


    With best wishes
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