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    Just imagine, if we can shed our ego, how peaceful and happy our relationship in the family, office, neighborhood and with friends.

    Come on, how many of you are willing to try to do this and make your life happier and more peaceful in future.

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    Ego -- if you have this in life definetely it will ruin our life. A family splits just because of this ego. Nothing wrong if we give up this in our life so that we can enjoy the life. because life is beautiful.
    In that word itself it says e- go, we should also say e- go away from our life so that we can live a peacefully. If we are egoistic what we are going to earn by this except the tag he is a egoistic person. people will always maintain a distance from us. If we shed this egoistic nature we will definetely move the mountains. so don't be an egoistic person.

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    Thank you for your quick positive response.

    Your explanation " e-go" is well said. An egoistic person can never live a happy and satisfied life. Anger and ego are like slow poison one consumes willingly.

    Your attitude shows you have already shed ego if any you had in the past and progressing towards
    a peaceful and happy life.

    Please spread this policy amongst your friends and acquaintances by word of mouth also whenever you find an opportunity.

    Let us join hands and bring peace and maintain harmony in the family and in the world.

    With best wishes

    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    Yes you are right, ego is the first self evil which is with in everybody, only few are capable to trace and eradicate that, remaining which are in majority are not ready to accept that they have the problem of ego, which is more dangerous, it will not only spoil us but as you said such nature will spoil the family our own people, ultimately entire society.

    But how many will accept they have ego problem, their own ego will not allow them to accept, but the sad thing is that many will know they have ego problem but they are not ready to accept.

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    This is a very nice thread, thanks Sushila for coming out with it.
    This subject offers a good topic for discussion.

    By Ego I think you mean being egotistical. Being an egotist is really wrong and one has to shed it to live happily. An egotist does not have a heart and would not try to understand others at all.

    But don't you think a little ego (Rosham, in Tamil) should be there for us to function normally?

    Only because of the ego, we get hurt from bad behaviour / comments by others. If there is no ego then one will not have any feelings what so ever, (as they say "Onnume Uraikkathu" in Tamil)

    I feel there should be a little ego in one, to improve themselves, to accept good criticism etc. What do you all say?


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    I don't think ego should be there in one's life. Because if we are with the egoistic nature, naturally we can never see the good things of the others. Ego ( In tamil it is not Rosham it is Varattu Pidivatham, i hope). That too if the couple have the egoistic nature definetely they can't live happily.

    This ego not only spoil their life, will affect their children life also. What is their in this ego. Try once just to shed it and move in life you will definetely feel happy and peace in your life. If we are a egoistic person everybody will maintain a distance from us. because of this nobody will try to see the good things we possess. Even we may loose good friends also.


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    Everything has good and bad sides. If something is overdone it is wrong and it sure will affect one's life. You shouldn't let Ego take over your mind. If you do that you can never turn back.

    Every human has an ego and we should learn to control it. Then we will know where ego is good and where it is bad.

    There are people who know me here personally well. They know me well enough to understand what I am trying to tell you. Being egotistic and having a little ego is different.

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    EGO means Edging Good Out. If u have ego u will lost all the good things u have. So come out of ego. Feel all are equal in god's creation, this type of thought only kills the ego. This is my thought.
    With Thanx & Regards...

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    Dear Latha,

    I am afraid your interpretation of "ego" is little different than normally what people consider. In general, "ego"is not (Rosham).It is self-centred.

    (Ref: World Book of Dictionary,Edited by: Clarence L. Barnhart and Robert K Barnhart).
    Egoist - a person who seeks the welfare of himself only.
    A selfish person. A person who talks too much about himself, conceited person. i.e. having too high an opinion of oneself or in one's ability.

    As said by Ravishankara , the persons who has this quality, normally neither listen to anybody nor accept they are egoistic. But there are some people,based on their past incidents, gradually realize the cause of down falls in their life is nothing but 'EGO'. The moment they realize it, they will observe the good qualities in others and even started appreciating the people with whom they never get along.


    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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