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    Spitting,spitting everywhere

    Hope you remember the famous line 'water,water everywhere, not a drop to drink'.
    I wish to change those lines to 'spitting, spitting everywhere, not a clean place to see'.

    After the introduction of different brands of paan masalas to Chennai, I see most of the chewing and spitting the dark red or blood like saliva on the road, on the car, inside the car, bus, trains, walls and almost all the corners of steps.
    Sometimes, the wind blows that thing on us too. the color never goes from our dress. These days the building authorities/owners paste pictures or tiles of different gods. but of no use. The people who spit never mind that, whether it is Hindu god or Christian god or Muslim god or Jewish god.

    The government should strictly ban the sale of all these tobacco items and slam a huge fine on those who chew or spits on public place.

    Even small children are addicted to this thing. For just Rs.2/ they are getting some thing to munch for hours together.

    God, please save us from this.
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    How about starting a rumor that people who eat pan get chickenguniya !!! that will work..... now we have to figure out how to start this rumor.....

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    Nice idea. But not chickenguniya. Swine flu or Dengu or even AIDS.

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    Yes, you are right to point out a social evil, but unfortunately this is universal problem, not only in your place but everywhere, hence a little change in your quote 'spitting, spitting everywhere, not a clean place to see', instead I suggest 'spitting, spitting everywhere, not a clean place anywhere'.

    Banning certain practices will fetch half a result, the full result can be expected only when people learn some civic sense, they must learn 'live and let live', till then it will be difficult to eradicate these type of social evils. Take for instance though smoking was banned long back, but there is not much co-operation from people, still that habit troubling others.

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    Government has taken a step for avoiding posters on walls by painting good things on wall. Similarly if they can paint some god's photos or photos of respected persons on the walls in stations,bus stops and other important places, may be this can be reduced little.

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    It is not working. I have seen many places especially big malls and apartments, the people are not bothered, after all it is a tile. they spit near the photo. that's it.

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