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    100% attendence certificate

    In my daughter's school, they are awarding a certificate for 100% attendance. Last year one my daughters' classmate received that certificate. His mother was so proud that she brought him to school when he was having 103 degrees temperature. I was just annoyed, just for a paper she has risked not only her sons' health but of all the students in that class. With swine flu and dengue around, she did this. Why I am writing this is I was irritated. If my daughter had a mild cold, I make her sit at home because I dont want that infection to spread to other children.

    I strongly recommend the schools should abolish such system for the sake of their students.

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    You are 100% right in doing so Uma. The best thing is I find many schools dont have a doctor at hand when need arises. There should be a mandate to have a doctor for school or atleast for the schools in a particular locality, who can be reached easily in school hours.

    I strongly disagree in getting a 100% attendance certificate, there are so many situations that a child need to take a holiday, just to get this, if the child is forced to go to school, then the child looses value of those things and aims only at these things which are though needed still have to be given less priority when there is something else to choose.

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    Whats wrong with some parents. How do they even feel like sending their own child to school when they are suffering. "PADICHA MUTALGAL " is what they are.

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    Hi Vidkal,
    It is something more than that. They want their child to be first in everything. They feel that if and only if their child achieves first in everything then alone, their kids can survive in this competitive world.

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    Rajmi is correct. Some parents wants their children to be first in everything.

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    Even some years me too got the Attendance Certificate. But it is not my intention to go to school or college all days even with fever or any. But i'll miss my friends if i been alone in home without any sickness. If sick parents should not allow the children to go to school. They want the Child to be perfect, but not that much perfect that the child would hurt of their doings.


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