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    Give some ideas to make ChennaiSpider in top position?

    Hi Webmaster & Members,

    Here is my suggestions to make our ChennaiSpider more popular and top position when compared to other sites. Now the exact condition about our CSR is members were not in active. Here Articles and Forum sections are alone in work. Before an year members were more active in this section. But now it was not like that. To make members more active, we need to do some changes in our site to show attractive. Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Creating some more sub-categories in article and forum sections will give flexible to contribute by members.
    Ex: Mobile stores, showrooms, complex, etc.

    2. Announcing Member Of The Month Award.

    3. Bringing back Monthly revenue sharing.

    These are few ideas which makes members more active in CSR. And this will led many new members to participate and work actively. Members, if you have any other new ideas please share in this thread. It will make comfortable for the webmaster to make changes.
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    Dear member,
    Revenue sharing program has been launched in this site. It started from July 3. We are lacking members who are the backbones of spider sites. Anyhow, we will hope all members will return to this site. Another thing, referring more new members, will add strength. So invite friends from social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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    Referring new members, or introducing the revenue sharing program alone is not going to help to bring CSR to top, regular contribution from members and updation of posts alone is going to help.
    Thanks and Regards,

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