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    TASMAC and salaries

    Dear all
    I'm running a small facility Management company. My salary day is on every 7th of the month. My employees are getting salaries from Rs.2,500/. to 7,000/. That evening you can see them in the nearest TASMAC shop.
    On 8th 50% of the employees won't turn up.
    On 10th everybody will start asking for an advance. 'My wife is not well', 'I lost my money', 'My son/daughter had an accident' etc are the reasons. One of my employee told me that everybody including him had not revealed the correct salary to his wife. Rs.1,000/ to Rs.2,000/. less than what I am paying them. That money goes to TASMAC.
    One day I informed them that I am going to pay the salary to their wives. Next day the supervisor came and told me that they are not interested in working with me and are planning to leave, the reason was that I may tell their wives about their original salary.
    I suggest all the TASMAC shops should be remain closed from 1st to 10th of every month, otherwise the salary will be deposited in TASMAC. Also the working hours of TASMAC should be reduced.
    What do you say?
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    Hi Uma,

    Although your suggestion is a novel one, I think it can remain only on papers. Leave alone the takers, the government itself will prove a stumbling block in implementing this idea, since it earns a major chunk of their money from running these shops themselves.

    Money earned out of it is being utilised for various projects announced by the state. Given an opportunity it shall only try to increase the operating hours and not by reducing.

    Liquour has become an inseparable friend(?) and this habbit is widely prevalent among low income group. It has become a habitual practice and followed as a great ritual by many of them. The day starts and ends with consumption of liquor.

    It is not that the consumers are not aware of the ill-effects of liquor, but conveniently they try to ignore the facts. Also they hold their family happiness for ransom for their self pleasure.

    Who is to be blamed, is a million dollar question ?


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    Yes Anand, liquor has become a inseparable friend. The shop opens by 10 am, but people can get liquor in the side or back entrance of the shop and of course at a premium price. The customers(!) have to pay Rs.10 or Rs.20/ more.
    One of my employee, made his wife (or trained) to sit with him and enjoy the drinks. When I heard of this I was amused. When I enquired about this to her she answered 'purushan solrathai eppadi meera mudiyum?'(How can I disobey my husband?)
    Now the whole family including son and daughter in law sits and enjoying the family get together every evening.
    This is the current situation.
    Everybody is earning, the total amount comes around Rs.20,000/. per month, but still in a poverty line. Not a paisa left after 15 days.
    Who is to be blamed or who is bell the cat?

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    Yes you have rightly observed and pointed out the fact and behaviours. Consuming liquour is no more a cultural shock or sin, it has become a daily chore their life.

    Only time has a say!!! I pity their family.


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    Hello !

    This is an evil which is very difficult to eradicate. government wamts revenue. They open more TASMACs. As an employer u should make it clear to them that their performance should not be affected and u cannot go beyond that. For people who are not used to liquor culture we may not see its importance. But people who have got addicted to it, it is very difficult to come out of it.

    best wishes

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    I have clearly instructed my employees that nobody should drink during working hours. If I find anybody in an inebriated condition, I send them home. If he get caught 2nd time, I mercilessly dismiss him. I have dismissed couple of men like that.

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