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    Rains and roads

    With the monsoon already active in tamilnadu , as well as in chennai , we the chennai people face lot of struggle to negotiate the roads which are inundated by the rain .
    lot of traffic jam and lot of hard ships are faced by the people every year .
    what are the steps to be taken , you think will address this problem .
    kindly put forward your views
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    Yes Uma, once the rain starts our 'Singara Chennai' will become 'sinkana Chennai. Wherever you go, the roads are water logged.
    I suggest all the storm water drains should be cleared. Most of them clogged with plastic bags.

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    Walking and driving through the roads have become very very difficult when it rains. And as Uma Sridharan says, most of the roads dont just become sinks but they stink too.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hi Uma,

    There is no hard denying fact that wading through waters during monsoon has become part and parcel of our life. Yes! we are facing lot of hardships in negotiating the pot holes not only created by nature but by many other factors like heavy vehicles, telephone department, corporation department, electricity department etc.,

    It is a given fact that there is absolutely no coordination between these departments and I have seen personally a well laid out road being digged out by the other departments within 15 days of laying.

    My suggestions for a better society,

    1. All these departments has to be interlinked and foolproof communication has to be established.
    2. More storm water drains to be built and maintained.
    3. Proper drainage system to be built
    4. Maitain ponds and rivers.
    5. Reseve the places like riverbed, lake etc. which is meant for water conservation only for that purpose. It should not be allowed for construting houses or allow illegal occupation.
    6. Ban plastic, implement and follow.
    7. The roads should be relaid and it should not be topped every time.
    8. Create more helplines for public.
    9. Create awareness among the general public.
    10. Encourage more civic exnora's.

    Also don't you think that maintaining the facility created by the government is the responsibility of each individual / citizen of this country? Building a successful society rests not only with the government but to a larger extend rests with all of us.


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