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Marina Beach - Chennai

This article gives a brief summary about the Marina beach in chennai. And tells us about the various famous buildings and statues and monuments which are situated in and around the marina beach. And mode of transports which the people can use.

Gudiyam caves chennai tourist place

Gudiyam caves is in Chennai. It is a tourist place. You can visit there from chennai because it is only 90 kms from chennai and 17 kms from poondi reservoir. Gudiyam is a small village near that cave. so the cave is known as Gudiyam caves. If you like adventurous and trekking visit with your friends. In this article you can read about the location of the Gudiyam caves and how to visit there.

Cooum River in Chennai

This article provides details about the Cooum River in Chennai. Cooum River is one of the oldest river that is flowing in Chennai which was one of the major water source for Chennai in olden Days. Now Cooum River is the most contaminated river in Chennai.

Important Tourist visit Places in chennai

In this article you can get the information about the famous places in Chennai which attracts the tourists and the places worth viewing and historical importance too.
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